Thoughts on wearing the hijab

Hi dear readers, dyazkhan here! We have been trying to regularly update our blog and we hope that you have enjoyed it so far! 

I know our blogposts are funny and enjoyable most of the time( Co-owner hais and Me sometimes hehe) but today I would like to be a little bit serious and explain about us who don the hijab and why we do it - some might be confused about us therefore I will try my very best to speak for all hijabis out there. 

First and foremost, us hijabis do sin. Everybody sins and all on earth are sinners. We are not an exception. We are not pious Angels who do not do wrong as try as we might, we all make mistakes and fall into temptations be it to sleep and miss prayers or to say, reprimand a parent for example. We slip-up, do a mistake and apologize after. IT IS NORMAL.  

Another thing I would like to clarify is one that I can't help but to notice or hear when I am walking around or sitting in the bus. I noticed that some people who lack understanding love to utter these few words, 'wear the hijab still do this' - or 'hais hijabi somore' -  I am sure you readers have heard or said this too. I did too before I wore the hijab and still think it to myself sometimes tho I try not to. So why DO we wear the hijab when we still do certain things that are deemed inappropriate? 

We do it for ourselves and for him. Us Muslims have certain things that we MUST DO if we are able such as fasting or praying and wearing the hijab is one of it.  We do it to protect our modesty as women and also our identity as Muslims. Wearing the hijab is not a sign of us saying - 'we will never sin again' but more of us saying - 'we are trying to be one step closer to him no matter how far we might seem to be.' 

NOT allowing hijabis to act rashly in public as us hijabis do portray a certain image in Singapore - a good one which we should strive to uphold BUT when we do slip-up and say, make a lot of noise in the malls, do understand that we are trying and we forget and slip-up sometimes ^^ 

Lastly, it takes courage to wear the hijab. We have to face our fear of being judged when we first start. Our wardrobe will change with us as we have to wear clothes that cover us modestly - no more short-sleeves or transparent clothing no matter how hot the day may be. Not to forget BAD HIJAB DAYSS. Worst of the Worst. It can determine our mood for the whole day HAHA. So yes, we are taking a BIG step so do empathise!!! ><

I hope that this blog post managed to shed some light on some things and to make it clear WE DO NOT scorn those who do not wear the hijab as every one has a right to their choice and people can change no matter how slow.

For those who have thought of wearing the hijab or dressing a little more modestly, if and when you do, know that Afriliacloset supports you 100% and you are welcome to text us if you need a confidante. You yourself do whatever you feel is right! :)   

Thank you for reading and do state in the comments your thoughts about this post!! <3




  • Afriliacloset

    @Nathasha thank u so much dear! You’re really nice and we appreciate the support ^^ Insyallah we will continue to post stories tht u like!

  • Nathasha

    May allah always bless you!! You girls are really nice people x continue whatever you’re doing ya??✨

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