Woes of being a woman

Hi readerssss!! Dyazkhan here ^^ In light of International Womens Day, I would like to dedicate a post to all you fine women out there! It is a fact that women have evolved through the years and are no longer seen as one who is not able to do anything but are instead, standing alongside man as leaders, doctors and lawyers. We are seen as independent now, strong and powerful.

Howeverrr, we are still women and occasionally, we play the damsel in distress as we all know there is a princess in all of us, no matter how strong we are ;) Hence, here is a post for men out there to understand us better as women and the woes of being us! Hehe.  *inserts dramatical sigh*

1. We need at least a year to get ready before going out.

Nobody likes to take forever to be ready but we have clothes, make-up and our hair to be worried about! We need to look our best to impress OTHER WOMEN. Not you men! We all know you prefer some of us without make-up (although 'without' just means little make-up hehe) but we need make-up to cover those little flaws of ours! (Unless you want shrek to go to dinner with you).Women are judgemental creatures by nature - be it in a good or bad way and when we walk, oh do we see other women. I don't know why we do it to be honest, we just do. Not ALL of us gossip 24/7 and sometimes, it can be just us feeling demoralized when a beautiful woman walks past(sigh.. So beautiful). To sum up, all of us are just trying to be judged as that 'beautiful woman' as nobody likes to be judged in a bad way. So do understand when we take so long to get ready as how can we not put in effort when we know others are putting their best to judge those who didn't!  D: 

2. Bad hair days (or hijab days). 

These are the worst!! You know those days where your hair or hijab just decides to be stubborn and REFUSE to look nice? Ughh these can affect our whole day so guys, do compliment us on our hair when you see us slowly drifting into insanity (although we might scream at you for lying but we do appreciate it!) 

3. Never finding the right clothes to wear.

Guys have it easy - shorts, shirts, jeans and t-shirts. That's it. Also, you guys will look good no matter what you wear! (my bf just wears any jeans, slipper and shirt and he still looks nice hais). Us however, we have accessories, hijab (hairband), necklaces, bracelets, overalls, jeans, tops, skirts, shorts, pants and many other forms of clothing. ALL OF IT HAS TO MATCH. Thus, when we ask you certain questions such as 'this one or this one?' We would appreciate it if you guys would actually SEE the options and think properly instead of daydreaming and just pointing at whichever you see first as we might just kill you ^^ 

4. Mood-swings. 

We are emotional creatures by heart and get sad (or even cry) at the most trivial things - A kitten alone on the street, sad movies, old people eating alone or some mean words someone said to us somewhere in the day. You guys might not know this, but every little thing you say or do actually affects us A LOT (if we care about you) and we will constantly replay the scenes in our head which is why sometimes we might seem moody for no reason (could be the month of blood though, next point) or we cry all of a sudden. So try to be nice to us if you can help it! We know sometimes we can be so hmm.. Beachy :/ - but as long as you can still muster some form of patience then please do ><!



CRAMPSSSSSS. Imagine that you are sleeping peacefully dreaming about all the good in the world or just eating a strawberry and suddenly WHAM! Someone hits you in the womb with a hammer repeatedly and BAM! You get 10x more emotional than how you already are and KABABOM! You scream at your boyfriend when a second ago you were laughing at his joke. Yup.. That's basically what we feel when our period comes(I might have exaggerated a little bit hehe but on our first and second day it really sucks). It's not so much the emotional adjustment that makes us crazy but for me personally, it's the damn cramps that really makes me moody and just, evil hahah. How do you handle us at this period? Treat us like we are the spawn of the devil, really. We too know how we are. Try to be patient and not say a SINGLE mean comment and even if you can't take it anymore, you must! Buy us something we like without us knowing such as chocolates, cake etc. Get us something hot for our stomach - heat pad, hot tea, lava etc as it really helps. NEVER MENTION OUR PERIOD OR PMS!! Really important point as trust Me, it's a one-way ticket to hell. All in all, just be very patient with us and we need you to be the understanding gentlemen that we know you are capable of being for this period. Believe me, we will appreciate it greatly :D

So yes, I know how you ladies feel and i would just like to say that I am so proud of all of you for your strength as having all these problems, we still carry out our duty as a woman be it to study, work or clean the house and care for the children (shoutout to the moms out there as i can only imagine how painful it was when you gave birth! How strong you are and it is no wonder you are mentioned 3 times before the father). Also, we should embrace our problems no matter how tough it might be as believe it or not, these adversities are what makes us strong as women and allowed us to have equal rights as men though we have different roles. Props to you guys for being so patient in handling us as we know how difficult it can be but the fact that you stayed is all that matters ^^. 

I will end off with this quote 'Us women are created from the rib - side of men to be equal, under the arm to be protected and beside the heart to be loved' :)

Hope you readers enjoyed reading this post and HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! Do state in the comments what you would like to say on this day and give your thoughts! Till next time <3 



    @Hani Glad you find it enjoyable!! Yesss only us women feel the pain HAHHA!! Takecare dear and thank u so much for supporting :)

  • Hani

    I can’t stop laughing, it’s a good and from the heart kinda thingy so a big hug and a a BIG thank you.
    In shaa Allah someday I would be able to purchase your lovely Abaya and the rest of the beautiful baju.

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