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Hi dear readers!!!! For those who are in polytechnic congratulations on FINALLY finishing those 3 years!! I'm super excited too as i'm finally free from the horrors of assignments, deadlines etc and can focus my time on thinking of ways to keng for NS(National Service) HAHA..ha..ha..*cries*.  

Anyways, I'm here to share with you guys something i personally am VERY familiar with and that is, to be a GUY(might not be a manly one but still guy la hor). What prompted me to write this post in the first place is that i recently had a fight with the owner about some issues around a week ago (not today as i know you girls are going crazy about the tagging game on IG ;) go tag tagg *evil laugh* HINT: It ends b/w 7-8pm shh). I'm not going to tell you what the reason was as i myself have forgotten but i do know that she was shocked when i told her some things i had done during our fight (she thought guys didn't do those things and only girls did lel). So here are some facts about us guys!

1. We cry.
Some "manly guys" reading this will be laughing while hiding their teddy bear, 'Cuddles' behind their back lel. Embrace your inner crybaby and don't be in denial! I'm not saying we cry at every little thing but believe it or not we ARE affected by some things and sometimes the tears just come out (no matter how much we tahan haha). It is also scientifically proven that crying helps to relieve stress and makes one feel better! IT'S SCIENCE OKAY D: If you girls wonder why you rarely see us cry it's because we really don't do it often and we do it behind closed doors (it's as embarrassing for us as it is for you for a 180cm guy to be looking like boo from monster's inc ._.) 


2. We have our bad days. 
No,not PMS(owner likes to say it's that tho tch). We can't be the perfect guy 24/7 as everyone has their bad days. Ever heard the phrase 'a key to a mans heart is through his stomach'? IT'S TRUE. We get more temperamental and angsty when we are hungry, have lack of sleep or just basically having a really shitty day. We understand that we are guys and that we have to be caring, understanding, attentive, 6 packs and all that and most of the time we ARE able to control our emotions and be that person. However, when it gets too much and we lose control, it is your turn as our partner, friend etc to be the understanding and caring one - hugging us or doing whatever it is to make us feel better! Personally for me, food always makes me feel better and if all else fails, owner makes 'puppy dog eyes' at me (i always give in hais..but when i try to do wah WW3). Try this if all else fails girls! ;D    
 This is the one if you are unfamiliar with the technique 

3. We are not that complicated. 
We are not like the guys from dumb and dumber of course but we are really not as complex as some of you girls might think. If we were to say, 'you look nice in that dress!' or 'don't want to eat the apple?' we are not using subliminal messaging to tell you that you would look prettier in a DIFFERENT dress or that you should lose weight you fatty! Noooo, we are really just stating what we think or asking a sincere question(we want to eat the apple). Us guys don't do much of that 'read between the lines' thing. Another point to note is that if we seem more quiet than usual; or seem to be deep in thought - more often than not it's about useless things such as something weird we saw, thinking about the game we lost against that noob the other day or it could be that we are just tired so don't worry! (unless you have something to hide then be scared >;-))

4. We see girls but WE DO NOT WANT THEM.
Very important point! Say you are walking around town with your boyfriend when all of a sudden you catch him stealing a glimpse of that pretty girl in shorts that walked by. DO NOT be demoralized or think that you are less pretty! Let's be honest, there are a lot of pretty girls and guys out there and us humans, be it boy or girl, like to admire the opposite sex when they look good (girls do it less tho). It's biology! Guys were designed to spread their seeds as far and as wide as they can during primitive times to make sure that his genes do not die and that his legacy is carried on - causing them to explore all available options. Women however, were more careful of who they shared their genes with, wanting only the best and strongest genes to produce the best offspring capable of survival and also wanting the men to stay around and protect them. This method is still practiced even in animals today. So you see, the real enemy here is science ;P
Humans have evolved and though we can resist looking at girls, sometimes we do it subconsciously which is why we get shocked when a hand suddenly hits us across the chest xD. We don't notice that we are looking! Just because we look does not mean we want them and trust me ladies, 99% of the time the moment she walks past, we would have already forgotten her face, body and everything else. Yours however, we will never forget *winks* #almostsmooth

5. We care a lot and even more than you girls sometimes. 
This is the point that the owner is shocked with. When we were fighting, you know the cold shoulder that ensues right after a fight? Yeah. She was obviously ignoring me for a few days and in those few days, i would just stare at our chats every 2-5mins hoping she would talk to me, stalk her twitter every 5mins to see if she tweeted anything and also after a few hours, i would type something before deleting it as i did not want to anger her further. She was also doing this of course but was shocked that me as a guy also did it. Us guys do this too (provided we care for the person) and can even lose sleep if we fight with someone we care a lot about! So before you see us as robots ladies, do take note that if we care for you, the guy you are giving the cold shoulder to now could very well have been staring at your chat for the past hour. :D

I hope this cleared some things up for you ladies! So to sum up - we are crying, simple-minded, emotional, primitive guys who are just looking to spread his seeds everywhere. Hmm, not sure if this post actually made us look worse to girls now.. Oh well. 

Thank you for reading guysss! Do write down in the comments your thoughts! Till next time :D 



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