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Hi dear readers. As some of you might have noticed, we have been quite negative with our recent posts and i apologize if we have demoralized any of you as it was never our intention. We might seem like 'super beings' as some of you have mentioned due to us juggling between school and this business but i assure you that we are not. Behind the positive posts, fun giveaways and thriving online shop are two human beings that have emotions and are just as affected with bad remarks as much as any other normal human being.

Unfortunately, recently we have been receiving really nasty remarks from some customers who can be so mean sorry to say and the worst part is that it is not even our fault, just unforeseen circumstances. The Co-owner is not as affected as i am and i guess it's because aside from the fact that i feel the remarks being directed to me, i'm a girl - a softhearted one at that hence i'm more sensitive and feel certain things more.

It is getting a bit too much and i am sure that other blogshop owners out there feel the same way too and understands what we are going through. Hence, I would like to dedicate this post to all blogshop owners out there and speak on behalf of them to clarify certain things and issues that we have no control of. Just to be clear that i am not taking this chance to defame or blame anyone in particular as i understand how some things or experiences can seem too much as a buyer to one who has never experienced running an online shop. Do bear with me and here it goes :)

#1 : Unless all our items are in stock, we DO NOT control the whole purchasing process from the moment of purchase till the item gets into your hands.

On the surface, it might seem that those running the online shop controls everything but behind the scenes, there are at least 20 other people all 'working together' to ensure that you are satisfied with the purchase. There are suppliers, partners and also companies that we work with which is why you might notice that different items will reach you at different timings and we provide a range of time periods when you purchase an item. This is because some suppliers are not even from this country and they themselves have their own suppliers from which they get their materials from.

Shipping companies that we work with such as Singpost have their own customers they need to satisfy and service. This is only Singpost from Singapore and i have not mentioned shipping companies not from Singapore for the suppliers from overseas who have other suppliers from overseas.

Yes we can do in stocks and that is the dream of all blogshop owners but it is risky as we have to ensure that whatever we bring in is sold to prevent a loss. For pre-orders, it is a chain reaction and everything has to pan out nicely before you can receive your item. Although most of the time it works out, sometimes there can be some unforeseen circumstances that delay the item from reaching you which brings me to my next point.

#2: Unforeseen circumstances.

You have realized how many people it takes to ensure your item reaches you yes? Well sometimes somewhere along the line someone makes a mistake or an unforeseen problem occurs. Now what? This affects everyone else down the line and this creates a swirling pool of reactions that affects the companies, blogshops etc negatively. This is what is happening with us as the negative remarks stems from one of our PO( Pre-order) items and the supplier told us that the items was held up at customs for some reasons which then delayed everything.

Many things can happen such as items being held up at customs, sudden lack of resources, no stocks due to suppliers counting wrongly, wrong items being sent to suppliers and lost mail for those who opt for Normal mail(unlikely but it does happen). These are just some of the things that can go wrong and we as blogshop owners can do nothing for most of these problems. All we can do is text the suppliers and rush them which in turn makes them rush their own suppliers and this continues till we reach the source.

#3: Most of us are not professional shops who have hundreds of staff working under them.

No. Normally it is just a group of maybe 5 people max. who are in charge of taking orders, making sure which item belongs to which customer, packing, mailing, answering inquiries and giving status updates. Therefore when people compare us to big company names, i find it somewhat unfair as those people have branches not only from Singapore and they have the resources and manpower to provide the best services possible. Even then, some of their customers still complain about one thing or the other. Trust that we are trying our best to satisfy your needs.

#4: We do not want to cheat your money.

We have received remarks from some customers stating that they will call the police or hand us over to the cops if we do not send their items by a certain date. Okay, i understand that some blogshops with no integrity do practice these 'scamming' thing but for an instashop with that amount of followers and the amount of reviews we receive, does it really make sense for us to cheat you of your money and not send your item? Why would we want to keep your items as we do not even want it, we earn nothing from keeping your items. We even provide our home address, self-collect service and conduct flea markets at our homes! So it boggles our mind that some customers would accuse us of scamming.   

#5: We are human who have a life outside from business.

Like previously mentioned, before school ended we were students with priorities and deadlines that needed to be met. Some of these owners are moms with responsibilities, guys with other commitments or students such as ourselves. Yes we are able to take a break but time does not stop for us and it is not practical for an instashop to take a break for months right? Our customers would be wondering where we went and it displays a lack of responsibility and sellers awareness. We are not doing justice to those who follow us and are interested in our items. Even those doing this full-time still have family members and friends they need to tend to.    

With all these in mind, do ensure that you order items that are PO only if you can wait. Though you will for sure receive your items provided you opted for register mail, sometimes there will be delays and you will have to wait due to all that i have mentioned above. We want all of our items to be in stock and hopefully one day, when we are big enough we will be able to do that. 

For those reading this, please do not feel angered by our remarks or statements as these are for the few who attack us with comments that can seem unreasonable and most of the time, they are those who do not buy online frequently and are unfamiliar with the complications that might occur. We are so thankful for the many of you that showered us with words of encouragement (we will post below) and are so understanding as customers. You guys are the reason that we do not lose hope and continue to try our best to think positively. 

For the blogshop owners reading this, just some words of encouragement from one who is experiencing what you are going through. Do not let the haters define you and instead, focus on the many others that love you and support you as an instashop. For us as Muslims, we believe that HE(god) knows best and sees what is in your heart. Keep doing what you do and if you are genuine and sincere as a seller, trust me that things will get better and you will get what you deserve. Chin up and remember that for every hater you have, there are at least 10 people who love you! Including me ;)

This post is dedicated especially for these blogshops who are also involved in #AFRILIACLOSETTURNS1:

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  • YOU GO GIRLLL!!! Just keep doing whatever youre doing cause no matter what others have to say about your service, ya know you’re still awesome ;)

    Fathin Sutrisno

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