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Hi my dear readers, Dyazkhan here :) So sorry that we have not been posting much hehe been busy planning for some new things ;). Today i will like to share with all of you something important to me; one that i seemed to have forgotten over the years due to my past and what i experienced growing up but have recently had my memory restored thanks to some people in my life who was there to remind me of my worth. WARNING: VERY PERSONAL DO NOT JUDGE. I am writing this as some of you might have forgotten it too due to your own life story and what you experienced but i am here to tell you that no matter what the circumstance, you should always remember this, you deserve to be loved. You are worth it, you are lovable and someone, somewhere out there thinks the world of you and don't you ever think otherwise. 

For those in divorced families such as mine, you deserve to be loved. You see, i know someone who came from a divorced family. So naturally, like most kids whose parents are divorced, she grew up having to move from one place to another; back and forth between the east and west as her mom lived in the west whilst her dad in the east. When her dad moved to the west, she had to stay with her sister and her family due to school. She only recently stayed with her mom during year 1 of poly. The years before that was at the dad's place. One can say it was not a good environment for a girl to grow up in as some important years of her life was spent with him; years where she needed a mother figure such as when she first hit puberty or her first encounter with boys lol. They also moved from one place to the other until her dad got a home. She never got the best of both worlds and always had to choose between one of the two hence, for some reason or the other, she grew up thinking she was never meant to be loved as she always felt like an outcast; both among her sisters' family and even her mom's sometimes. Without a father figure, she formed a bad impression of what guys were supposed to be and made some bad decisions trying to fill some gaping hole but i digress. Basically, her family is complicated (not gonna get too personal xD) and with her parents having been divorced, she grew up with the mentality that true love never existed and love was something she would never experience. This is not true. You will get the love you deserve be it now or in the future. I am not talking about relationship kind of love but it can even be love from a relative, grandparent or a friend. Some of you might even be loved now but are too caught up in your own feelings you don't see the love you have been getting. 

For those with more than two parents, you deserve to be loved. For example, i know a friend whos' dad married two and his dad only sleeps at his place on mondays' and fridays'. The rest of the days his dad sleeps at the other house. He isn't bothered by it so much as he can see the love his dad and mom gives him but for those who are in the same situation as him and feels that your dad or mom seems to be 'neglecting' your family, don't. They are not neglecting your family and they love you with all their heart. They are your parents after all. Don't ever allow yourself to feel that you are less worthy compared to the other family no matter how accomplished they seem to be when compared to you. Even if they are smarter, taller, more good-looking than you, know that you share the same parent who loves you no matter what you look like or your accomplishments. You deserve to be loved and are worthy of being loved just as much as anyone else.

For those with no siblings or feel that your siblings do not care about you, you deserve to be loved. Don't ever think that just because your siblings do not care about you it means that nobody ever will. That is not true. Someone out there does care for you be it a friend or a family member. I too felt that my siblings did not care about me as i felt that they never bothered to know how i was doing when i was going through a dark period in my life. I also knew someone who never had the chance to stay with all of their siblings under one roof as their age gap was rather large hence some of them already had their own families to care for. The only time they remembered living together was when they were really small therefore they didn't feel as emotionally connected to them as some of you guys which further brought about the feeling of separation between them and my siblings. Recently, i chatted with my brother and sister about intimate issues and what came about was that i realized just how much they cared for me no matter our distance. It is the same for you too. No matter what you think, chances are your siblings really do love you and they might show it in the simplest of ways such as asking you whether you have eaten or where you are going when you are about to leave the house.

For those experiencing failed relationships time and time again, you deserve to be loved. Don't you ever allow yourself to feel worthless or undeserving of love just because of a few bad relationships. For those unlucky enough to experience a relationship with someone who always insults or belittles, don't you believe them. No matter how many times you are called worthless or are told that 'nobody will ever love you', never allow them to get into your head and heart. They were never yours to begin with, you deserve better. If you are a Muslim, know that we believe in fate and that no matter where you are, if you are meant to be with someone you guys will be together. There is no need to 'look' for your soulmate or try to create something with someone who was never meant for you. HE has planned everything and all you have to do is live your life. Chase your dreams, follow your passion, spend time with your loved ones and the right guy will come along when the time is right. With every failed relationship, it brings you closer to the one you are meant to spend your life with. For those who are not Muslims, there is a thing called fate and whatever happens, happens for a reason. Sooner or later, someone will come along and make you realize why all your other relationships never seemed to work out.

I don't know what was my objective for writing this blogpost but i guess what i'm trying to tell you readers is that no matter what you experienced in life, don't you ever for a second feel that you are incapable of being loved or are too 'worthless' to be loved by anyone as that is never true. Ever. For a period of time i lived my life thinking i will never marry as my family tree has a lot of broken branches haha but now, i can see myself slowly believing in the fact that i might be married one day. It might not even be with the Co-owner and i know i'm still young to be thinking about marriage and all, i don't want to get married anytime soon that's for sure! But there is a certain feeling of hopelessness in living your life thinking you are not fit to be loved by anyone - like a pit of despair that only gets deeper the longer you stay in it. All i'm saying is that it is better to live a life knowing you are worthy of love as compared to thinking the opposite. Do not allow yourself to be surrounded with that amount of pain and darkness as without you knowing, you might reach a point of no return where you will start to contemplate things that no one should ever think about.

So for all you readers out there, know that you are worth it and that someone out there cares for you! Be it your family, friends, cat, dog, goose or anything else! I care for you too ;D I hope that those of you who needed this will feel better as i have my days too where i need something to cheer me up and a good read always helps hehe. AfriliaCloset loves you and don't you forget it! Like we mentioned, we are always here to listen if you need someone to talk to! :)  


Thanks for reading and till next time! <3 Do state in the comments what you feel and what we can do to make ourselves feel better!!

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  • ❤❤
    You deserve the best in this dunya wa akhirah. ?


  • ❤❤
    You deserve the best in this dunya wa akhirah. ?


  • @Fathin Sustrino
    naww thank u for your kind words dearrrr


  • N’awwwwwwwwww feel like giving you a hug Dyaz :*

    Fathin Sutrisno

  • @Hazlin so sweet of you to say my dear! Thank you so much for the support and we appreciate it so so much. Wish you the best in whatever you do dear :)


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