Two heads are better than one

Hiii dear readersss!! Just realized that over 500+ of you read our blog posts! (Wonder where the other 18.5K went...kidding hehe) YAY! Thank you so much and we were so thrilled when we came to know that. It is really heartwarming to see that so many of you care about our content and what we post here! We do post some 'inspirational' stuff at times (your words not mine i'm not boasting!) and based on the texts and messages that we received, it is really cool and amazing to know that many of you actually take the time to read up on what we write and not just to purchase our beautiful apparels (okay now i'm boasting huehe). I must say that it gives us a sense of fulfillment when we know that we could have made your day with our posts or given you a laugh (or a giggle? i hope) For all those who are reading this or have been reading our posts, look at the picture below.

To thank you guys for supporting us, we would occasionally post some hints or clues in our posts (end time of a giveaway, discount codes, upcoming apparels etc) so do keep a lookout :D If i may add, for those of you who have been reading our posts, do drop a comment every now and then la :( to say hi or something as it really makes our day when we read the comments you guys post here! We might even one day have a giveaway for those who comment ;) Don't say i never jio(invite) ah!

Sorry was ranting (i do that a lot). Sometimes when i get too caught up in writing or i'm not paying attention to when i'm supposed to end my sentence i tend to write a lot and regurgitate a lot of information but not unnecessary information just long-winded ones which is why the owner says i'm long winded and i agree to that as i am a long-winded person even when i'm talking so ya HAHA BACK TO TOPIC. Today i'm going to write about how great it is to run a business with someone else as you know what they say, two heads are always better than one! Although since the owner is doing the business with me, it's more like three heads(cose im smart hehe) 

Just's like one and a half :( (im not smart..) 

So yeah Dyazkhan and i have always found it odd how we seem to complement each others' flaws so much. Really. The things that i'm not good at are the things that she IS conveniently good at and certain aspects that she lacks Alhamdullilah, are the ones that i apparently possess. Some of these competencies that we have do help us in business but there are some traits of ours that do not. It's like a Yin and Yang sorta relationship (nak step deep pulak xD).

For example, she eats very little while i'm like a machine when it comes to eating (tho she forgets that my stomach also has a limit -.-) and she likes to be indoors a lot while i like to go out and appreciate nice scenery once in awhile. There can be floating trees filled with amazing, exotic birds that make beautiful sounds with waves crashing over the rocks from a hundred thousand meter waterfall and you know what the owner would be doing? Not seeing all that as she is looking at her phone -.-''. Those are just some examples but in this post i would be pointing out some differing traits of ours that helped us in this business!

To start off, the owner is not that good with English while i pick up a book from time to time as it's sort of my hobby(i read them btw not just pick up and put down heh). This gives me a better command of English hence as to why i'm doing the writing for the blog (one of the reasons) and doing the talking if needed say, when we're sponsoring a celebrity and we need to talk to the manager. Also, on any occasion where we are obliged to write an amiable elucidation of a commodity or we need to compose a cordial email to an individual i'm usually the one that does it. Googled all the words above to make my English seem better LOL^. Basically, i usually read/correct the grammar or compose any form of emails or writing that we need :) 

I'm really lousy with fashion and am colorblind causes problems. To answer some questions no i do not see black and white those are for DOGS and before you go off pointing to a color and say 'what is this color?' This is how you look like to us when you do that
'okay this one what color?'
 and we do see colors but some colors are just harder to differentiate than others. For me, i tend to see blue and purple as the same thing so if someone asks for my opinion, i usually just choose either one and hope i'm right  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Oh ya so Dyaz does the choosing of clothes and i put my word in sometimes but most of the time she'll be like 'nahh' xD Only once in a blue moon will she sell something i chose!. By the way, below is an instock product that is going to be up soon!

Quote 'YinYang' for a promo discount to get $5 OFF (valid till Friday 15April) ;) 

I'm stronger than her. Pfft obviously right? *shows non-existent biceps*. So when we shop for clothes/take stocks or need to prepare for a flea i'm gonna be the one carrying the heavy things. I know many of you think that i'm a mule who only carries the parcels when it comes to mailing thanks to the many many pictures that we have of me carrying those freaking heavy bags D: (they're seriously heavy sometimes) but i do that and more! I'm like a super talented mule! #optimism

She is better at organizing and multi-tasking. I'm really bad at it plus i can't differentiate some clothes so she is the one that arranges the items or sees what needs to be packed, communicates with the suppliers and just plans what needs to be done such as the time we need to collect the stocks or the place to meet.

I'm a little more creative when it comes to making our brand more known plus i like it so i'm USUALLY the one that thinks of the marketing ideas and campaigns that we need to make our business more known such as the giveaways, actions to be done, sponsorship (at times) certain posts etc. Glad you guys love the giveaways by the way!! Sometimes i think of an idea and when i tell it to her she comes up with something that complements the idea then i top it off and the cycle continues till it turns into a great idea.

These are just some of the things that make us work quite well as a team! I help her whenever and however i can. To sum up, i'm like a secretary that's been given too much work HAHA. So yes, these are the qualities that we have that i believe have shaped us and made AfriliaCloset what it is today! In my opinion, the owner has put in tremendous effort in the business and i have seen firsthand how passionate she is in choosing the right apparels that all of you will love as proven time and again from our products! We will try to continuously do so in the future to come thank you for supporting us!

Hope you guys enjoyed the post! Do post in the comments what traits you might have that are different from someone close to you such as a Best friend or a S/O!! Till next time :)  




    @nrfthzr thank you so much for the support and yes i’ve had my fair share of family issues too which was why i wanted to be there for you :) Hope you’re doing fine dear
    @Siti Fazilah yup even guys can help too ofc! Just have to know their strengths and weaknesses hehe
    @QuSyiqah Yes insya’Allah its fate hehe! Funny how opposites attract rightt!! Insya’Allah we’ll open up a shop one day ;)
    @Fathin Sutrisno HI FATHINNN #1 shopper HAHAH! THANK YOU TOO FOR THE MASSIVE SUPPORT! Insya’Allah one dayyy! :D
    @Khalishah Insya’Allah thank you for the kind words dear may you have a prosperous future too! Live your life how you want it and Insya’Allah the right person will come along dont need to find hehe

  • nrfthzr

    Dear Dyaz,

    You have given me the best experience in online shopping – especially, this is the very first time I actually shopped online (to be honest).

    Although it has been about a month ago, but I still remember when I had family issues (which leads to change of mailing address), you actually spared your time to understand my situation and comfort me. It was like 2 AM in the morning when you gave me a call, just to make sure that I was okay. Despite you not knowing who I was (vice versa), I felt blessed,despite the fact that you had school the very next day, you still tried to make me feel better before we ended our conversation.

    I would like to take this time to thank you, and I hope you’ll have the greatest success in life. May Allah prolong you health, wealth and live up your relationship with your boyfriend ’till Jannah!

  • Siti Fazilah

    So happy to read how you work together and help each other. I always imagine it’s a ladies only business but nice to see that man can be involved too.

  • QuSyiqah

    Wow you guys are really perfect business partners LOVERS. So sweet how uu both work together building up a successful business ? i have totally opposites mindsets with husband too and yeahhh its sooooo odd how we can pursue our love . Fate ? :’) hehs . Last forever you tooo and open a shop of ur own maybe . ??

  • Fathin Sutrisno

    Hello Dyaz and Ryhan! Thank you for giving me the BEST EXPERIENCE in online shopping!!! You guys are so young but so successful?!?! Bila nak buka physical shop?!?! Hehehehe

  • Khalishah

    Omg. You guys are so sweet? Hahaha if only I could find a business partner like you? Hahaha insya Allah one day. May your business grow more prosperous in the future Insya Allah :)

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