Top ten types of mothers in Singapore

Hi READERS!!! :D Mothers' day is coming up and though i don't get my mom anything anymore as she just places em somewhere and forgets gahaa..(my cards must be shitty :( ) I'm pretty sure most of you do which begs the question, have you prepared any gifts yet?! For those who have, good for you woooo!! *claps* *cheers* *breakdances*. For all those who have yet to get a present or have not found the time to even think of a suitable present, why not get the Mothers' day promo from @AfriliaCloset or if you prefer beauty products, @Mobilebeautysg? ;P (subtle advert) hehe! In the joyous occasion that is mothers' day, i would like to dedicate a post. In my many years here on earth(HAHAHA ape sak), i have encountered and met many types of mothers which inspired me to write this. Hope you guys like it and for the moms reading, Happy Mothers Day and don't be offended HAHA! BEHOLD, TOP TEN TYPES OF MOTHERS IN SINGAPORE.

The 'comedian'
Ever been in a situation where you forced yourself to laugh from a joke made by your mom?- These are known as the 'comedians'. They joke 24/7 and these are not even funny jokes! Their jokes are sometimes so, insanely 'no link' that you can't help but to find it lame haahaha. Yet you still laugh out of politeness and to not make them feel bad, hais the things we do for you lame parents :P. I'm not saying NOBODY finds it funny as for all i know, in the past these jokes would have made people laugh like crazy! But the now generation just doesn't find these types of jokes hilarious. I personally find it cute tho when a mom tells a joke and thinks it's funny when its not HAHHAH. They are the ones that laugh first right after telling the joke before the rest follows up with awkward, nervous insincere laughsss.

The over-pamper

-'Nak ni eh? alalala cutnyee mak belikan' 
-'ahh ok la ok la mak belikan jangan nangis' 
-'okokokok pegi la pegi bising je'
-'mak tak kejutkan bangun pasal you tidur lenyak mesti penat' 
-'takya pergi skolah la u penatkan?' 
-'come mak tulis surat'  
-'penat pegi sekolah eh? okok mak call cikgu'
-'nak mak cakapkan tak?' 
-'meh sini mak masakkan' 
-'tkpe tkpe rehat mak cucikan'
-'tkpeee mak buattt'
-'tkya kerja mak belikan' 
-'ader cukup duit tak?' 

-'Naw so cute you want this? okay mommy buy for you'
-'ahh ok ok mummy buy for you don't cry'
-'okok go with your friends so noisy'
-'i didn't wake you up cause you slept so soundly..confirm u
very tired'
-'don't need to go school la, tired right?'
-'come mummy write letter for you'
-'tired to go to school? okok i call the teacher for you'
-'want me speak to your teacher?' 
-'mommy cook mommy cook'
-'nvm nvm i wash you go rest'
-'nvm mommy doooo' 
-'no need work la i buy for you'
-'have enough money not?'  

Ever heard of these phrases? These moms are the ones that dote sooo much on their child. They are the ones that will buy you anything you want so long as you stop crying/whining/asking. When they see a tear, their hearts break into a million pieces and they just can't bear to see their child hurt like that (although we all know you faking it tch). These are the moms that will do your dishes for you, wash your clothes, hide the body when you kill someone, carry you up the stairs, tell you to always rest and sleep, get food for you and help bring whatever you want to you. They love their children so much and can't help but to spoil them! Hence, the child tends to ask their mom for anything and everything. Those that receive this special treatment as i experienced are most often the only child or the youngest child. For those reading raise your hand if you're guilty! See? you ARE able to raise your hand so stop asking your mom to do everything! tsktsk you guys. (Actually my mom is this HAHA) 

The hero
These moms are similar to the over-pamper but do not buy or do as much for their child. However, these moms are the moms of justice and they live in a world where you are always right! They got your back. They are the ones that will bail you out of any form of trouble and you notice that they are the first person you tend to think of calling when you are in trouble. They will speak to whoever, whomever, whenever and will keep on talking for hours until you get away scot-free. Late for school and got detention? Call them and they will provide valid reasons. Missed extra class? It's not your fault they informed late (a month ago). Stole something at 12 years old? you're a kid you didn't know any better! Stole something at 21 years old? You're a kid you didn't know any better! Punched someone? I'm sure he started it. Hit a pedestrian? the light was green! And so on and so forth. Okay it might not be as silly as those i gave but you get the point.

The bestfriend
Ah the best friend. One of the closest relationships you can have with your mom. You can talk to her about anything and she will know just the right things to say to make you feel better. You are not afraid of being judged and you even seek advice from her on personal matters like friends and relationships. She gets along with your bestfriends just as well as you do and she even makes the same girly noises you girls make when you see each other! She's more like a bestfriend than a mom and a girls night out with only you and her sounds perfect. She doesn't restrict you in anything but just wants you to seek her permission first and trusts you to make the right decisions. Nothing comes close to your relationship!

The saint(Muslim for eg)
These on the other hand are actually Angels in disguise. Their very presence makes you certain you're going to hell and you're not even that bad of a person! They seek solace from doing pious activities and you can always find them either praying, reading the Holy Quran, looking up Islamic verses on their phones or watching/listening to the Imam. Nothing makes them happier than a good relationship with God. They don't restrict you much but god forbid you tell them the things you have done! Their frail heart can't handle it. Your house is more like a mosque with religious songs playing 24/7. They're soft spoken and are always advising you to come closer to God and to pray. They are full of love and you can't look at them directly as your eyes might be blinded by the light. 

The Sherlock holmes
You can't lie to them. You just can't. It NEVER works. They don't like you smoking and you looked at a cigarette on the way home? They know. You tell them you're going to study at the library when you're actually going to your friends' house?They'll answer the door when you knock. You feel judged all the time and they'll stare at you from top to toe the moment you come home, smelling your fear and making you doubt yourself even when you KNOW you didn't do anything wrong. Or did you? They will notice the slightest bruise or cut and will ask you a million questions until you break down. Nothing escapes their eyes and you wake up at night to find them staring at you.


The cave-woman
These to me are one of the cutest moms out there (such as mine huehe). They are as clueless about technology as you are clueless as to why they are so clueless in a technology-filled world. They have no smart phones or even if they do they don't use a single function of it except to text or call. To them it's just a nice looking Nokia. Makes no difference. They constantly complain about the complexity of using something that was designed for the purpose of making things simpler. We see google chrome and Firefox, they see internet explorer. They're always telling you 'amazing' things about technology nowadays that you already know such as the existence of 'what's up' (whatsapp). They log out when they're supposed to sleep, sleep when they're supposed to log out, shut down down when they're supposed to put it to sleep and you feel like shutting down when you see them using the cursor and clicking the sidebar to go down the page when they can scroll. *cringes*  

The all-in-one (owners' mom) 
These are the multi-talented moms and you feel like a useless potato in comparison to them. They're always scolding you for paying a person or buying something when they could've done or built it themselves. They can build a kitchen, sew kitchen seats, clean the kitchen to make it spotless, catch and kill a chicken and a fish with their bare hands before cooking a scrumptious dinner to place on the DIY kitchen table that they made 5 mins ago. Want to go to this place? They know the way. Need to build a prototype? They'll know how to do it. Need to get to a place? They'll drive you although they have no license. You wonder if they made you the natural way or by using tools. 

The A-sian 
If your mom is this type, i bet you're always damn SIAN one (get it get it? no? okay...). They never seem to be satisfied and you always wonder whether they're just increasing their standards every time to mess with you. They nag a lot and most of the time its to tell you that you're lazy and that you should study harder. They have very high expectations of you as they themselves are over-achievers. Got a B+ on a test? Why not an A. Got an A on a test? Why not an A+. You never seem to be able to please them and you spend your life hoping to one day make them proud of you. For those who have a mom like this, she IS proud of you it's just tough love! ;)

The #1 fan
These moms are one of the coolest. They are super supportive no matter what you do and will make your interest theirs. For those who have been to competitions, they will go to every one of your games and even bring water or snacks for you to get the energy you need! You can be living in the east and have a match in the west at 8.30am? They'll be there two hours early. Have a game outside the country? They'll buy tickets if they are able to and if not they'll want to hear all about it or watch it live from a phone or tablet. Want to drop out of school and pursue a career as a clown? Go for it they'll buy the wig and clown shoes. These moms give you the assurance that no matter what, they will always be there for you either physically or spiritually. 

There you have it! The ten types of moms out there! I admit i might have gotten carried away and exaggerated some examples but the main points are there! We'd love to know which types describe your mom so do let us know in the comments and don't forget to state any other types we might have missed! 

Hope you enjoyed this post and always appreciate everything your mom does! No matter what type your mom is, there is only one type of love a mom has and that is her love for her child. Whether they show it or they don't, know that it's there and that they feel it!! :D Wishing all of you a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. Peace out!! (ee lame) k bye.  


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