Day #5/7:What your hijab style says about you

by Afrilia Closet

Hi guysss!! :D First of all thank you so so much for supporting us and for reading our posts! If you're a new reader then welcome(don't leave pls) to our(pls dont) humble blog! ITS HIJAB WEEK WOO!!! As you all know, we've written a few articles with relation to the hijab such as yeah do check em out if you haven't :) I'm sure many of you will agree with me that there are LOADS of pretty and nice-looking Hijabis in Singapore such as you guys(#howtoangkat) and for the hijabis reading this, you know that the hijab style plays a part and i'm sure all of you have a favorite style which brings me to this post! WHAT DOES YOUR HIJAB STYLE SAY ABOUT YOU!

*This is in my opinion and for entertainment purposes ONLY so no hard feelings yeah ;)* 

The no or less pins
If you're a hijabi and you like to don the hijab with little to no pins, this is you! The no pins prioritizes comfortability over everything else and don't mind looking sloppy so long as they're comfortable. If they could, they would be wearing a singlet and shorts with slippers to go out. Their clothes are mostly of cooling material and if they see something that is super pretty but thick and hot, they'll give it a pass. They are normally down to earth and are pretty cool to hang out with, provided they like the person. They don't mind judgements' and are not affected much if they come to know that someone doesn't like them, if any. They are selamba(do whatever they want) and this means that their character might not be likable to some people as they tend to not be two-faced and are straightforward when they do not like someone. They do not pretend and can seem snobbish to those that they dislike or do not know personally. This people tend to have a few close friends that they are comfortable with and they hold friendships in high regard. 

The thousand pins
The complete opposite of the no pins, the thousand pins! This group of people tend to like everything go a certain way and are uncomfortable with change. They like to be comfortable but if it is at the expense of looking trim and proper, they'd rather not have it. This group of people normally have less friends when compared to the no pins as unlike them, some people find their character too strong and unlikable. They choose their friends wisely and think rationally before making any decisions. A natural leader at heart, they tend to be a little bossy at times but they do not do it on purpose - it is just their nature.

The fashionista
These type of hijabis normally pick clothes that are out of the ordinary and their closet is filled with striking colors that stand out. They LOVE fashion. They live for it. They always look good all day, everyday, 24/7. These people don't like to look sloppy as they believe in always looking their best. A person who gives a hundred percent, they throw themselves in whatever they do and are natural born achievers. They tend to be the successful one among their friends and are popular be it on social media or among their friends. Friends would describe them as popular, chatty and a shopaholic. They cannot walk past a store without looking in and will walk in a store planning to buy one thing but leave with ten. Always in-trend, friends go to them for advice on what and how to wear be it when buying clothes for them or for a friend. They know what looks good on a person and are adept at picking out colors that match.  

The rojak 
The rojak group does not fit in any of the above category. They are a mixture of everything and base their hijab styles on their mood for that particular day. However, they are not the extreme of any category as they are a mixture of everything and am in-between meaning to say they will look for clothes that are comfortable but will not make them look as sloppy as the no pins and if they are going for a fashionista look, they would fashion it in a way that they do not attract so much attention and stand out like the fashionistas. A natural listener and normally a confidante, these people get along with mostly everyone and friends like to go to them for advice on relationship matters. Their fashion sense may not be as good as the others but that does not stop them from trying to look neat and decent. Naturally born with a big heart, this people should be careful to not be too nice as that might give others the impression that they are a doormat. 

The trendsetter
There is only one word to describe these group of people. Quirky. This people tend to have out of the ordinary characters and many find them interesting. They normally stand out amongst the crowd but not in the same way as the fashionistas. They fashion their hijab however they want and are always looking to try new styles and ways to don the hijab that are different from anyone else. Their quirky and amusing character normally means that this people either make others gravitate toward them or away from them hence, they are one of two ways - either they are popular or they have very few friends. Naturally given a creative mind, these people are those that set trends and are a go-to for fashion inspiration by their like-minded friends. They are not afraid of being judged and have high self-esteem. One would find this people a joy to be around as they like to joke and have a sense of humour - albeit one that might not appeal to everyone.

So what does your hijab style say about you?

Comment down in the comments section as we'd love to hear from you and don't forget to tell us of any other styles and personalities that we might have missed out and forgot to mention! Have a great week ahead cheers!! :D 

Afrilia Closet
Afrilia Closet


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