DAY #6/7: Why it rocks to don the hijab

What's up guys!! We're back with another post and again, it's gonna be focused on you Hijabi!! We recently posted a post with regards to the things that annoy us Hijabi DUE TO us well, being Hijabis. To balance it out, i'm gonna talk about why it ROCKS TO BE A HIJABI hehe. 

*THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES! Let's not take things too seriously yeah?:P 

1. Portable hand-phone holder, everywhere you go

Have your hands full with popcorn and other junk food (cause you're so healthy) and have an urgent phone call? No problem, just slot your phone in the side of the Hijab and BAM! Is that another packet of chips you see? Take it! It's not like you need space to hold anything else right gahaha.  

2. No worries when you drop your food. It'll capture it instantly 

Shoving fries in your mouth and one lucky potato slips out to freedom? No worries the hijab is there to capture it back into slavery! (For you to enjoy yum). 

3. Shampoo? Ain't never heard of that

How many times do you wash you hair? Twice a week? 4 times a week? That's cool, i wash mine once a month (and you'll never know) 

4. Gain as much weight as you want

All those girls stressing over having to diet, starving yourself and inducing vomit in an effort to lose a milligram to look good on insta? I'll think about that while i'm bathing in oil from all the chicken wings, fries and chicken nuggets :D Not to forget my diet coke of course. Nobody knows i have a huge belly filled with oil under this jubah kekekeke. 

5. Unlimited designs of clothes to choose from that will fit forever. 

We have plenty of designs to choose from as we use a lot of cloth to cover ourselves and no worries about your clothes being too tight as it's always loose anyways!! The only work out i do is when i'm working out my change after giving $100 for $94.50 worth of junk food. 


Wind messing up your hair which took you hours to prepare for? Ain't nobody got time for that! Although i admit it does mess up my Hijab sometimes but i'll use a thousand pins if i have to! Which brings me to my next post....

7. Unlimited pins!!  

Need a pin? Sure take it! Need 10 more? No worries! Need a 100 more, pfft no sweat i have a thousand more in my Hijab alone! And maybe another thousand in my sofa somewhere...

8. Never get blamed for something bad

In a crowded lift and it suddenly stinks? Can't be the sweet, innocent Hijabi! Someone talked bad about you? It must be the Hijabis' friend, i knew she was two-faced! Someone stole something and one of the suspects dons the Hijab? Strike her off immediately! It can't be her. 

9. Be of any skin color with just a little makeup

Basically we're all Michael Jackson(you went too earlyy :'( ) . Want to be fair today and tanned tomorrow? Sure thing! All you need is to buy a different foundation for the face and you're good to go!! 

10. Only need  to focus on the eyes (For those with the niqaab)  

Have an important event to go to but you overslept? Spend 20 minutes brushing your teeth and mascara-ing your eyes and for sure, you'll be the prettiest one there ;) (Just don't raise your arms too high or you might be the only one alive there) 

HAHAH lookout for our last post!! Hope you guys had a few good laughs from our post and on a serious note, donning the Hijab does teach you how to be a better person and make you reflect on yourself more.. More on our final post ;) See youu love u hehe.

State in the comments what else you want us to write! 


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