Fitting in

Hi all!! Before i start, i'd like to congratulate those who have graduated from polytechnic. Good for you :) It's time for a new phase of your life and you will once again be thrown into a different environment, one you might not be comfortable with. This post is for you guys and all those that are going to new schools, polytechnics or places.

Those of you who are just entering into a new place, i know how it is and have felt how It's like to not know who you are even if you once thought you already know, and when we don't know who we are, we tend to follow the crowd and let them decide who we should be instead of who we want to be (believe me been there done that). When you're young and just entering into a new environment, it can feel bizarre and can be overwhelming at times. You will meet many people of different personalities and even some whom have more than one face(avoid those.) 

I know how it is when it seems like everyone is into someone or something and it feels like you're the only one who isn't a part of it. You feel like you should be in on it too in order to 'fit in' or be seen as cool to the others or maybe you just don't want them to mock you for being different and hence, you give in to the peer pressure. Don't. It's okay to have crazy fun with your friends but once it seems like they seem to be encouraging you to do certain things that deep down you feel uncomfortable with - stop, take a step back and reset your priorities as maybe these aren't the friends you wanna be hanging out with. Either that or speak up and tell them what's on your mind, if they're truly your friends they will understand and not mock you for being the 'boring' or 'lame' one.

I'm here to tell you that no matter how many people you meet and how many different personalities you've encountered, stay true to yourself. Don't allow the superficial thought of popularity and fame to pave your future in the new environment. Never forget that there is no personality better than the other and each of us have our own unique set of traits that make us who we are and WILL attract the right people into our lives. Don't lose sight of yourself trying to be someone you're not as one day you will regret it.

That's all and i wish all of you a great weekend ahead! Wherever you're heading towards, stay true to yourselves and all the best Insya'Allah. Much loves, dyazkhan.  <3


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