Day #3/7: 10 Tips on buying clothes for Hijabis

Hi guys! I hope you've been enjoying our hijab week as much as i have! As all of you know, once you don the hijab, you have to wear clothes that cover you up - making your choices limited. That however, shouldn't stop you from looking like the beautiful woman we all know you are. For those having the intention to wear the hijab or those of you who are still not sure what we can and can't show, this list will help you out! I'm gonna be sharing with you Ladies the 10 tips to use when looking for clothes that allow you to look beautiful, comfortable and yet still covered up. *subject to preference* 

That's one of the most important things i look for as obviously, we have to be looking decent and not show any skin. One tip to do this is to put your hand in and see whether it can be seen IN THE LIGHT. (or you can ask the seller but they might bend the truth in an effort to make the sale so be careful)

Singapore is hot but i know hell is hotter therefore i have to make do and do what i can to make me feel less like dying while still fulfilling my Islamic duty - and that is to pick out cooling clothes! Again, stick your hand in and judge as we all have different capabilities.

3. LONGER LENGTH TOPS (covers our you-know-whats)
Another thing i look for when purchasing clothes is to find something that covers the bottom. Some of us have bottoms that kinda *ahem* pop out making it all the more important to find something that covers that. I personally look for tops that are longer at the back than in front - specifically for covering that area.

I tend to look for apparels that i can slip in and out of easily such as our VERY OWN NAYLA WRAP (*hint hint hehe*) or a simple top with little buttons as it reduces the hassle of constantly having to button or zip up everything. It's also easier and faster in a case whereby i want to see which outfit fits me best - involves a lot of taking out and trying on (you know us girls).

This is self-explanatory as we have to look decent and that can't be done when you're showing all your curves am i right! Save it for that special man who deserves it ;)

6. LOOSE BUT NOT PUFFY(for tops)
We have to purchase items that are baggy and loose as it will cover our bosom and hide our curves! You can still look awesome if you choose those that are straight cut and of a nice color! Don't purchase the puffy ones as the hijab tends to make the face look chubby and together with the puffy top, Let's just say you'll look a few kilograms heavier than you actually are. That's not good.

They say its better for young people to wear brighter colors and for the less young to pick the darker colors but in this generation, who cares! I say you do it! You can stay and feel young as long as you want! However for all you young ones especially, the wild ones out there, pick brighter colors!! Cmon, I've seen dustbins brighter than you!  Again, this is subject to preference i'm just stating my opinion. 

STOP STICKING TO BLACK! I need to repeat it for all of you out thereeee. I'm pretty sure if i open some of your closets, it'll be like staring into a deep abyss (scary). Yes, i know it's a nice color and that it fits almost everything but don't turn your closet into a black hole!

For those who are trying to save up money, one tip you can do is to purchase shawls that are versatile and are able to fit into almost any type of outfit or color! This will ensure that not only will you look good, but the inside of your wallet too! E.g. Shades of Grey, Shades of nude/golden brown.

ALL in all, no matter what you choose to wear, make sure that you're comfortable in it! Always Imagine wearing it for at least 6 hours and how you'll be feeling before purchasing. It's good to look nice but It's better to feel comfortable am i right? *Subject to availability* as in my previous posts, there are different types of hijabi out there.

Well i hope these tips will serve you Ladies well when It's SHOPPING TIME!! See you and takecareee! State in the comments what you think and if you're interested to know more!


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