Day #2/7: 15 annoying questions to not ask a Hijabi

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Hi guys! I've never been a Hijabi since birth obviously (imagine that happening HAHAH) but i recently only seriously started donning the Hijab in year 1 of my poly life, when i was 16(late birthday not cose i'm super smart :/).

Once i started wearing, thankfully, in a place like Singapore, everyone accepted me. I realized however - through articles that i read, that in some countries people ask unintelligent questions about donning the Hijab either to mock or purely cause they really are clueless and sometimes you can't help but to WANT TO give a sarcastic reply but you don't cause of manners and stuff. 

So i'll do it for you! Who knows? some people in Singapore might have asked these questions but i'm just lucky enough to not come across em!

1. Do you shower in that?

What i want to say: Yes. Not only that, i shower with all my clothes on  :)

What i actually say: Of course not! *Laughs* 

2. You not hot ah?

What i want to say: Nola 36°, sun ray on my face, of course cold. :)

What i actually say: Yes, i do feel hot and i'm sure you are too but make no mistake that i feel way hotter only cause i don the Hijab as us Hijabis have adapted to the heat through many years of wearing it and hence, we only feel slightly hotter from the clothes that we wear.   

3. You look better without the Hijab

What i want to say: Wow. I didn't know that after looking at myself in the mirror everyday.

What i actually say: You should never tell us that even if It's trueee. In all honesty, some of us don't want to wear it but we do. So encourage us instead please thank you ;D  

4. Take out la It's okay i won't judge

What i want to say: Naw that's nice but i'm not wearing it because of you sorrryy

What i actually say: Naw that's nice of you but i rather not :)

5. Can i see your hair?

What i want to say: Cannn sure. Where's my ring? 

What i actually say: Unless you're my husband or a family member, i'm afraid i can't show it to you :/  

6. Why you wear?

What i want to say: Cause i'm cold. It's a scarf for my head.

What i actually say: It's for myself and ultimately for HIM as us Muslims have to don the Hijab for our own good and also to not give sins to our Dad. :)

7. Why your friends never wear then you wear?

What i want to say: What are you even asking me for? Ask them laa

What i actually say: We handle our religions differently :) And maybe not now but who knows in the future? Who are you to judge hmmm

8. You wear all the time ah?

What i want to say: Nola nola part-time. Mon - friday only 8am-6.30pm i wear. Weekends i don't need to wear. :)

What i actually say: Yes we are supposed to wear it all the time except for when we are at home. I'll get there eventually :) 

9. I thought you cannot have a bf?

What i want to say: Then to have husband we need to start somewhere right? As long as we're serious i think It's fine!

What i actually say: We have our own different beliefs and morals when it comes to this matter but as long as we strive to be better, that's the ultimate goal. :) 

10. Since when you wear?

What i want to say: Since i decided to wear it.

What i actually say: Around few days ago when i..........

11. You have to wear until when?

What i want to say: Until i dieeee. There is no age limit to when i can take it off, if that's what you're asking.

What i want to say: Until i meet my creator of course ^^

12. What's under there?

What i want to say: Another hijab. In case you get curious and pull it. 

What i actually say: Hair..... :)

13. You got wash your hair not?

What i want to say:  Nope. It's like a desert up there.  

What i actually say: I do wash it but not as regularly as you might think. :) 

14. You got cut hair not?

What i want to say: Nah they just fall off from lack of oxygen.

What i actually say: Yes, yes i do. :)

15. Then you go beach how?

What i want to say: Do beaches have a 'no hijab allowed' sign?

What i actually say: Doesn't matter. I will still be wearing the Hijab :)

Hope I've answered all your questions and do not be offended by the sarcastic replies it's just for entertainment hehe. The real replies are the ones i say out :) If you have any other questions similar to this one then, don't ever ask them!! :D

State in the comments what silly questions you have been asked before and till next time guys see ya! 

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  • Damn these questions make me want to ROFLMAO at them! HAHAAHAH thanks for making my night guys. Keep on posting! Looking forward to the other 5 posts! Keep it up???


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