Day #1/7: Questions i asked myself before donning the Hijab

Hello Ladies! It's the start of Hijab Appreciation Week are you ready?! Prepare for all kinds of articles relating to us Hijabis - both funny and serious!

Take note
1. The word 'Hijabi' is for ease of writing and not meant to disrespect anyone in particular! :)

2. No disrespect to you free - haired girls out there and please do enjoy our articles too as it's only for entertainment purposes & also to help those reading who might have the thought of donning the Hijab in the future (^_^)V

To start off, i know it is a HUGE step to don the Hijab. Your wardrobe will change, you'll have to consider a Million things you never had to consider before, you have to act differently and overall, you will be different. Some of you might have some questions that are preventing you from wearing the Hijab like i once had and i therefore i have dedicated the first post to answer some of these questions! Hope that the answers here will help you out in some way :D 


1. How do i start? 
First off, if the intention is there, That's already a huge start and i'm so proud of you for having the courage to wear it. :) Start by dressing up a little more modestly. That's all. A little coverage here - little coverage there, and slowly make your way till the top ^^

2. My friends will judge me.
Everyone will judge you but know this - they're judging you in a good way. Many will be proud, inspired and in awe. Those judging you badly? They're not your friends, trust me.

3. Can i still go to bars and pubs?
By right it is forbidden, but lets keep this one short, its up between you and Him :)

4. I don't know how to wear the Hijab.
Call me, text me, mail me - I'll help you and guide you through it, step by step! :D

5. I will have to delete my Instagram pictures.
Yes, you will have to delete it. It's better for you as when you pass from this world, you avoid getting sins from those who see you without the Hijab. 

6. I'm not a good enough person and i don't want to pretend to be someone i'm not.
None of us that don the Hijab are any good, trust me. We're all sinners. The only difference is that we have a cloth on our head and you don't :)

7. There will be so many restrictions.
I'll admit yes, there will be many restrictions and you might not be able to do as many things as you liked. Trust me though, It's for a good cause and you'll end up feeling thankful that you did. Those things you like to do that you can't do now? You'll realize they weren't that important anyways.

8. I look ugly in the Hijab.
You aren't ugly. You're beautiful and the ugly ones are those saying you look ugly in it!

9. Singapore is too hot.
Yessssss it IS hot. It's even hotter below the Earth though... Anyways wearing hijab all the time creates a new norm for the body too and the head and neck become acclimated to the additional heat of wearing the hijab.  This doesn't mean that the hijab doesn't ever feel hot or itchy.  It doesn't mean we are not ever sweating under them but it means that we're relatively as comfortable or uncomfortable as the other non-hijabi women around us.  If you feel hot you can be sure that we are too.  However, we are not necessarily hotter than you because we have acclimated to the condition. Yeah bet you didnt know that! ^.^ v

10. Am i really ready?
Only you can answer that yourself. :) 

So that's basically it. I hope i helped cleared some of your doubts and for those who didn't see your question here, text me personally and i promise i'll try my best to help. Even if you just want to talk, i'm there to listen. For those of you who don't see the point in wearing the Hijab or feel that you're not ready, don't worry we are all different and you'll never know in the future. :) Hijab or not, as long as you're a good person, that's important.

State in the comments your own stories! We'd love to give it a read :) Lookout for our daily posts everyday of this week! See ya~


  • Afriliacloset

    @Ifah sulaiman thank you so much for that comment dear and it is true what you have said! Thank you for supporting us and Insya’Allah HE will help us and guide us all :)

  • Ifah sulaiman

    I donned the hijab since I was a little girl (before I was even one, according to my mum!), but back in secondary school, I took it off when I was out with friends. It felt good at first but I slowly felt guilty for doing it and wore it properly and for good. My point is, if your intention of donning the hijab is for Allah, you do not have to worry about having second thoughts or being afraid of judgement, because at the end of the day, Allah will be there to make you realise that what you are doing is right and you will know it for yourself because you fear Allah more than you fear judgement from people. Just my two cents thoughts! Not intended to offend anyone and to those who are just starting, all the best! Everybody starts somewhere so don’t be afraid, In Shaa Allah, you will be rewarded for doing so for the sake of Allah. Amin.

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