Day #7/7: Reasons to wear the Hijab

We've come to the end of our Hijab Appreciation Weekkk. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading our posts. To end it off, i'd like to share with you personal reasons as to why i continue to wear the Hijab as if i'm being truthfully honest, i do think of taking it out permanently at times - when It's bad hijab day or when It's a really hot day.

In fact, i'm here to tell you Ladies that i don't even wear the Hijab at times, when i'm going down to buy something or if i'm going somewhere for whatever reason. I really am no saint and like you, i'm trying and am striving to be someone of that level of piety one day InsyaAllah. These are the most important reasons in my opinion that continue to spur me on and i hope they'll do the same for you too, we're all in this together :)

You get to enter Heaven
This is the duty of us, the women of Islam. When you don the Hijab, you are telling him that you believe in him and that you put your faith in him to guide you to being a better Muslim even if you aren't all that pious. When you listen to him, you are putting a step towards Jannah (Heaven).

Less unnecessary attention
Guys like to look at girls. Period. No matter what we wear, they always seem to look even IF we aren't showing anything (although they look more when there is something to look at). It's not that they love to see it but It's just their nature as guys (so i've been told). However, compare yourselves in a crowd of girls who ARE showing something, their eyes tend to be drawn to that side and not to yours hence, preventing yourselves from being seen as sexual objects.

Portrayal of self respect
Part and parcel of donning the Hijab is to wear clothes that are modest, meaning you are covered from head to toe. This shows that you respect yourselves enough as a woman to know that not everyone deserves to see your beautiful body and that you do not need the attention of guys to determine your self - worth.

Respecting the right one
You are respecting your future Husband when you cover up. Would a guy like a women who's been seen by every guy or would he like someone who saved herself and only showed herself to him and no one else? Hmm.

Teach you how to behave
It doesn't end when you don the Hijab. It's a process. When you don the Hijab you show others that you are trying to be closer to him and this means behaving yourself in other aspects too. One example is by not behaving wildly in public as you know that you are supposed to shy away from attention, not attract it.


Good for parents
This is one of the most important reasons of all. For everyday that you don't don the Hijab after you have reached puberty, your father gets a sin as he failed to teach you the importance of donning the Hijab. Truly love your dad? Consider wearing the Hijab and close the gap between him and heaven as let's face it, for some of us, our parents don't have that many years left and you'll never know when HE decides that it's time. I'll go offtrack a lil bit to share with you a story, I had a free - haired friend who lost her dad when she was young. We were pretty close and for some reason or the other, i always had a nagging thought in my head to come talk to her about considering to wear the Hijab. I finally decided to talk to her about it after a year or so and to my surprise, she too had been considering donning the Hijab for her dad. I guess HE wanted me to be the one to give her that extra push as a few days later, she became a Hijabi and all i can say is that i'm so proud of her and that i'm glad i was able to help her.  

These are the few reasons that motivated and spurred me on to continue donning the Hijab no matter how difficult or tedious it might seem.

For those who have not donned the Hijab, i'm here to tell you that you're wrong if you think that you just don the Hijab and that's it. Once you wear it, you'll want to better yourself as a human being and slowly but surely, without you realizing - you'll stop doing some things you're not supposed to do as you will start to feel a sense of shame. It might take a few years or even tens of years after donning the Hijab but i guarantee you will start to feel it. Like i said, donning the Hijab is not a one - time thing. It is a process, and it's a beautiful one.

These reasons are my reasons and my opinion only. Not everyone will see it the way as i do and i'm fine with that! I'm still not a pious Hijabi yet but i know that in due time, I'll get there Insya'Allah.

State in the comments your thoughts on this Hijab appreciation week!!! See yaaaa. :)


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