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Afrilia Closet

ARE YOU HUNGRY?! I know i am D: (Weird intro but i really am) 

Hi dear readers! As you all know, fasting month(bulan puasa) has just started a few days back for the Muslims(Bismillah!) and for a Muslim such as myself, it is a time to cleanse our souls and rid it of any evil thoughts that we have had in our hearts and minds. Most of you by now should already have a general understanding on what fasting is and i am glad to live in a country where nobody mocks or demeans Muslims for fasting (apart from our friends ofc but that's what friends are for :D). 

I would like to thank everyone who is not fasting for respecting our religion and not joking or make snide remarks about it - as far as i can tell of course. However, i know there are some of you who respect this act but are not sure what fasting even is in the first place. Yes, we all know it is about not eating and drinking for a specific period of time but there is so much more to it than just that. 

It teaches us to be grateful. You see,  Singapore is a first world country that is developed and very modernized (take out your geography books guys and turn to page 1 hehe) hence, everything we see, hear and smell is sort of 'first-class' as compared to people in third world countries. Yes some Singaporeans are poor but keep in mind that the definition of poor highly varies in different countries. Food is made from the finest quality ingredients, tap water is drinkable and even our toilet bowls flush themselves. Everything is all fine and dandy here which in all honesty, have made us Singaporeans ungrateful. 

We relentlessly insult the staff of SMRT when their trains broke down a few times in the past - forgetting how many hundreds of times it has helped us to arrive to our destinations in time; complain excessively when we have to wait a mere 5 mins for the next train to come and even pretend to sleep when an elderly boards the bus or train as we can't bear to give up our seat and stand for the remaining journey. I'm not saying all Singaporeans do this but let's be honest here and admit that we have done at least one of those things above once. I'm guilty as charged.

When we go that whole 15-16 hours of not eating and drinking, we are humbling and allowing ourselves to have a glimpse into the everyday lives of those poor people in other countries(not Singapore poor, i mean really poor). Some of them don't even eat or drink for days at a time due to the simple reason that there is no food or water to consume. Let's not forget that most of the time we are in an air-conditioned room, on a clean sofa/bed or walking in the malls while waiting for the time to eat. They do not have that privilege. By doing this, we remind ourselves who we are and to be immensely grateful to be born into a first-world country. At the roots, we are all human and we are lucky that we get to experience everything in first class the moment we stepped into this world while some face a different reality than ours. 

It makes us kind. Fasting month is seen as a holy month for us and all Muslims know this. Like i mentioned above, it is a time when everyone tries to cleanse their hearts and minds of any bad thoughts that they have - they try to be the best version of themselves and strive in being a good person no matter where they are or what they have done. For me, the month itself is a miracle as you see those who don't pray on their knees, asking for forgiveness. Those in short tights and skirts, walking around covered more modestly. Those who fight and curse, control themselves and not let their rage control them. Those who love to gossip and judge other, their lips tightly sealed. This month makes us forget everything else and see each other as what we all are, humans. To be kind to each other as we are all the same and put any differences aside.  

IT IS HEALTHY. We live in a self-absorbed, narcissistic society where your worth and how everyone will treat you is based on how good you look or how many strangers follow you on social media. We all strive to look good and go on diets, buy weight loss pills and exercise like crazy. I'm here to tell you that fasting does all that (#lifehacks). There are so many benefits to fasting such as weight loss, improving insulin sensitivity, speeds up the metabolism, improves longevity and so much more. I'm not an expert on this but i advise you guys to google it and read it up for yourselves! 

Through all these reasons, it is no wonder that fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam (one of the five things that we MUST DO as Muslims). It not only benefits us spiritually, but also mentally and also physically. I encourage those who do not fast to try and fast for one day. You will be surprised by its effects, both inside and out.  :D 

Afriliacloset would like to apologize to each and everyone of you if we have done anything that made you frustrated or dislike us in any way! We appreciate you and your support and we would not be here to where we are today if it wasn't for you guys <3 

State in the comments your thoughts on fasting and for those have fasted before, share your experience with us! :D Till next time guys see youuuuuuuuuu. 


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