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Hey readers! Like I said before, in this post i will talk about why we decided to create a blog. 

So after starting up an instashop followed by the website, we slowly realized that customers were beginning to follow the owners' personal insta account(what else is insta for am i right?). We also started receiving texts from some of the followers who were thinking of starting up their own shop and wanted to know how we were able to get famous so quickly at only 18 years old(ameeeeen).

Some of you lovely ladies also shared your personal moments with her such as school life, internship, significant others(ah gossip some more), work and some other topics that she said i couldn't know about (tkpe faham). It dawned on us that people were curious about our personal life such as how we were curious with theirs! We then thought of what we could do to share our little story as we know that some of you might be interested in reading them as let's face it, we humans are a curious bunch(such as how i stalk Marc Fitt from time to time..dont judge he's hot).

We finally came up with this blog as it's convenient, simple to read and i'll bet most of you have had or at least know what a blog is as most of you here are teenagers after all..EVEN IF you reading this are not a teenager, you still look like one *winks* (#flattery101).  

So slowly, bit by bit ,we will share with you things such as how AfriliasCloset came about, How that name came about, how it affected us and so on and so forth..state in the comments section what you want us to write about and we'll have a look! Most importantly, look out for this space! :D

Thank you for reading and till next time!              


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