How AfriliasCloset Started

WARNING! This will be quite a lengthy post as it is about the foundation of this whole operation that we started. Therefore there are quite a number of key things that she wants me to write down.. 

This post is very important to us as it signified the start of this business, one where we invested our time,energy, sweat and tears(That's for another story hehe) and watched grow from 0 followers to more than 10K followers. It may not seem like much but from having totally zero (telur busuk) followers to having these many customers and a website that we can see steadily increasing, it's like watching a baby growing up slowly (whoa pressure on me there).

The owner of AfriliasCloset always had a thing for clothes. She never bought branded ones as she preferred to spend her money on foood (Don't know to be happy or sad..) BUT the cheap clothes..and i mean CHEAP, pasar malam etc that she bought always somehow looked good when worn together. That's something she knew and i realized after awhile of looking at her photos on insta (Gf mah..i like to see her kekek). 

When we got together, i always knew that she had a business-like brain. Seriously. She would organize the homework that we had, wrote me a timetable when exams were nearing, what to study and their duration etc, look out for items that would make organizing easier; files,clips and also would highlight everything in color codes. Everything she did seemed to point to having a business brain although ironically she never did want to do business (another post, life is weird like that).

Our internship started and we had a lot of time to ourselves after work ended and all. We were in a group for our internship thus we interned at the same place. I always had to do the work while she managed the business or just used her phone. I hated the work too but i could still manage some form of enthusiasm deep DEEP within the recesses of my soul while she literally just shut down the moment she sat in her chair HAHA. That's when we knew that what we were studying and the career ahead of us didn't look too appealing, we knew that's not what we wanted to do with our lives; sitting in a chair for 8 hours a day doing repetitive work over and over..

Our salary too was like $500 a month? Which was a little more than $3 a day (I did the math) so obviously we had to work during the weekends to get some money. It was either that or not eating and we both love food so that's not an option! We had to find a way to earn some money and it had to be something that we like to do.

One day she suggested that she open up an instashop selling ladies wear but was too afraid of the obstacles that she would face; not gaining popularity, no supplier etc. but i knew that she was meant to be a business woman, really. Sometimes it takes an outsider to show you what you are capable of as you can't see it for yourself. I pushed her and kept telling her to just go for it as i knew that she would succeed one way or the other BUT tbh i didn't expect her to succeed THAT quick hahahaha it seems like she's cheating or something i swear but that just proves how Allah wanted this to be her calling i guess. At least that's how i see it.

I tried starting too but for guys it's just a little too difficult as they don't shop online as much as girls(*sad face*) and after a few months it seemed clear that she needed all the help she can get thus i feel that just maybe, this isn't my calling and maybe i won't be able to help her IF mine took off too (optimism/denial) PLUS i have color deficiency( No, not everything i see is grey), i can't dress for nuts and i can never tell what looks good as other people see differently. Luckily i met her; she changed my wardrobe albeit just a TAD ;) 

So that's how AfriliasCloset came about! Man, it was nostalgic writing this and i could picture that moment so clearly when i told her to go for it, we were in her room studying (It's the afternoon and everyone is around..just saying) and she created it right there and then in front of my eyes and nurtured it till what it is today *manly tear*. I'm so proud of her. Why the name Afrilia? That's for another time,  See ya and have a good weekend!

**GA QN:State in the comments how you think the name Afrilia came about!** Winner will get 10 FREE PLAIN MAXI SHAWLS.  :D  

*Sorry for the long post! (Not really,you were warned and stayed)* 


  • Madihah

    Sorry my bad i just saw what the previous comment had commented

  • Madihah

    Maybe Afrilia is a combination of both your names together? :)

  • Nadzirah

    Hi there! What a great story! Can’t wait to read more of this coming from you guys! I am guessing, A name you want your future child to have, or big possibilitity it could be a great combination of what both (individually) your family members calls you at home/name “gelaran”. Hehe. ( Afri & lia ? ) I hope Im right ??

  • Fathin Sutrisno

    Still have the GA or not HEHEHEHEHE ok im so annoying i know hahahaha :P

  • Nadiah

    If the giveaway is still on, then I’d say it started out when you guys were thinking of a name for your future child (insha’Allah)! Yes, I do read all of the blog posts (if you can’t already tell I’m a really huge fan). Keep up the interesting posts, I love reading them! :)

  • Rydyan

    Thanks for tht comment! @Maria hopefully u will get to win the GA! goodluck!

  • Maria

    Afrilia came about as the owner didnt want her customers to buy expensive or branded stuff as it is a waste of money. It tell the customers to dont waste money on luxuries and spend on something brandless but with good quality. Use that extra cash they have on food cause food is life. Shop smart, shop for qualities not brands.

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