Why ladies wear?

Hey loves Dyazkhan here! Some of you might be wondering why i chose to sell ladies wear and not anything else like dolls,bags,cute accessories? i mean hey, i'm studying engineering right? Why not sell power tools and such. 

The answer is, none of these fairly interests me as much as clothes. Like my bf mentioned, I've always been able to scrutinize and pick out the best set of clothes that would make any girl look great when paired together. I don't know what you would call it as i don't see myself as a fashionable person and i'm certainly no @Eenahflamingo who is a Hijabi diva no doubt. All i'm able to do is don plain, cheap, non-branded clothes and somehow still look dressed up. A 'fashion intuition' maybe hahaha. I guess maybe i got it from my mom whose always mentel and likes to dress up hehe.

I also started selling items since i was around 16? I used to window shop a lot and sometimes buy all these clothes that i got bored of after wearing em like 3-4 times?...okay i still do that but not as often! Some i don't even wear as i ordered it online and it LOOKED nice till it actually came.. -.-  So since i wasn't wearing em anymore i would sell the preloved items on carousel. All these past habits led to me knowing roughly how much an item would cost thus, being able to differentiate and gauge what is expensive from what isn't. 

My eldest sis also runs a business shop selling muslimah wear at Afghan which is located at the Tampines area(check it out ladies :P) and I've watched her deal with customers; how they talk business, prices etc that i sorta picked up subconsciously. 

Maybe it's a genetics thing but all these led to me knowing clothes more than anything else which is why i chose to sell ladies wear! :) My past may have benefited me and maybe there are some perks to being a 'shopaholic' as we know things that thrifty people don't hehe *winks*. Thanks for reading and look out for our next post! :)  <3


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  • Fathin Sutrisno

    Sweet young lady… May Allah bless you Dyaz syg :*

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