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Afrilia Closet

The post ALL of you have been waiting for! (chey not all la maybe anyone?).

You guys must have been thinking like who is this guy? How did he get together with her in the first place? Well i'm going to talk about how we first met and ours is a peculiar story as you see, she was the one who made the first move *Virtual high-five bros*. 

We were both year 1 in Temasek Polytechnic and both of us had gone to the orientation camp.(It's a camp before school actually starts to get to know your classmates and other course mates all that junk.) They introduced us to our classmates and we then got to deciding who should be chairman(yeah they have no chill)..anyways we were told that the chairman would receive some seal points which were points that we needed in order to graduate(or so we were told..liars). We can get it through joining other camps and participating etc but this was easy so i thought hey why not?

The chairman of each class had to meet in order to be briefed on what they would be doing throughout the year and also to collect some things for their class. I walked out of my classroom and there were about 5 of em just standing there and what'd you know, she was one of em too (Heart palpitates).

I was bored as we were all just sorta standing there awkwardly while waiting for the person to come and talk to us so i sorta just chatted with each of em (i'm quite talkative sometimes) and so i chatted with her. If i'm not wrong i was curious as to what race she was. She looked sorta Indian malay-ish?

We chatted and she told me she was Pakistani which i thought was pretty cool. We parted ways after the briefing and i didn't think too much of her then. I went back to my class and played some ice breakers as later that night we had a movie night. 

After that night as usual nobody slept so we sat around this open place near the entrance of the school and ate while listening to music. Her class was there and after awhile she and some friends came over to us and started singing this song (which i got to know was supposed to be directed at me as they knew she liked me).

After awhile she got my number from a friend and texted me saying she was dared to text me (actually wasn't HAHA). I didn't know who she was at the time but she said some obvious things that happened like how she sang in front of us which was how i got to know it was her. We texted and i gotta say we got along REALLY well. We clicked perfectly character-wise. I found her so funny and interesting and it was really comfortable chatting with felt natural..felt right. (diabetes).  We started contacting regularly after that moment.

I joined a lot of camps in year 1 i don't know why and there were all these outings and dinners that seemed to never end which led to me not studying (No ragrets.. loads regrets). Luckily, she was smart and offered to teach me (cliche i know). All those moments she spent teaching me was when i FINALLY started to notice her.

We would study till late into the night and she would slowly go through with me the formulas and calculations as i'm not a fast learner. I was amazed at how patient she was with me and how it all seemed to flow so naturally. I could never get bored of her (still don't) and we would meet everyday more or less to study or watch a movie or whatever. 

So things hit off really well although some bad things happened in the middle which i shan't say. We dated for around 8 months and the rest is history. We've been together for awhile now and i still remember vividly how we got to know each other. It was funny(and quite sad) how i asked her to be mine but she finally was :) State in the comments if you think i should write about it and we'll have a look!!

Thanks for reading till next time!! 


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    Fathin Sutrisno

  • @Noor Safeera Insya’Allah thank you so much for your nice comments!! I’ll be sure to make sure he takes care of me and me of him dear hehe <3 Hope you have a good day!
    @Nurul heheheh thank youuuu you are cute too ;)


  • Aww this is so cute! In Shaa Allah, may you both last long till Jannah! To the gorgeous princess, thank Allah for whatever he does! To the prince, indeed, you are a lucky man. Take care of your princess! May Allah bless both of you and this business. Ameen!

    Noor Safeera

  • so cute, you guys!! #relationshipgoals boleh tak heheh


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