How Afrilia got its name

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that participated in our GA we appreciate it so so much :*! All of your guesses were really close (except for some tho, we aren't THAT deep sorryy :X)!! It was really entertaining to read all your guesses and a lot of you wrote about us opening in April and it being 'Afrilia' in Arabic? I wish you guys were right i mean, it would've been cool if we DID thought of that(why didn't we argh)!
That was a real coincidence and i'd just put that as fate! Thanks for that fun fact tho it might just be our reason now kekeke ;) Our reason is pretty cool tho if i do say so myself huhu. Sorry i ranted but here's how we came up with the name!  

It was late at night and i was at home texting her! It was like 1-2 am if i'm not wrong and you guys know how we all get at those timings right? Berfeeling-feeling and all that, so just for the fun of it and as couples do, we started thinking of names to name our daughter! (insya'Allah and yes yucks ew wait till you guys start doing this hmm!)
We gave up on guy names after a few minutes cose i wanted a MANLY name like 'GERT', '!XOBILE!, 'ROAR' or something but it had to be muslim-ish and it was just so difficult to think of one! Girl names however, so easy(Just has to be flower-ish, angelic, never sins, never farts those type).

So the owner has this little sibling called Azzalea and she wanted our daughter to have those type of names, I however, felt that Sofia (my little sister) was a nice name and names with an L seemed to sound nice! So we just started mixing it up! So it went something like this:

R: Guy just call him Ryhan la! Ryhan bin Ryhan? 
D: ya thn he also name his son Ryhan ah thn Ryhan bin ryhan bin ryhan 
R: Call him dust ah HAHHA Dust Bin Ryhan DUSTBIN AHAHAH
D: HAHAHAHAH shit ah shit bin Ryhan!
R: HAHAHA oi. Not funny la! Hard ah guys D:
D: Okok focus on girls ah!!
D: Sazzalea?
R: Afraeel? It can be our sons name! !xobile! Not nice eh?
D: NOLA HAHA! ermm..Azafia? 
R: HAHAHAAH SofiaAzzalea? 
D: nooo AzzaleaSofiaSamadi? 
R: Afrills?
R: Afrillia?
D: EH Afrilia sounds nice!! We can name her that!! 
R: One L or two L?
D: hmm one ah nicer
R: Ah okay ah cncn!!  

HAHAHAA It went something like that although our conversation was MUCH longer but it'll start to annoy you guys! LOADS of weird names we came up with btw xD And for those lovebirds out there reading this, it's a fun game to play with your partner just for the LOLS! It'll make you guys laugh a lot i swear :D

So that's how the name came about!! We thought of the name long before AfriliaCloset started but i guess the owner just wanted to use that name as it's really nice! (Our future first daughter about being the favorite) If we really do have a daughter i'll bet she would face some shit from her older siblings because of this HAHAH! Thanks for reading this post everyone and thank you again for participating!!   

A big congratulations to @nrzuha for getting the guess right btw!! Enjoy those TEN shawls woo! You can use one on each day for ten days and repeat! No more buying shawls you have enough already ;P (although for you girls, no such thing as TOO many kan? tsktsk).

On a serious note, i really hope you love the shawls :) Till next time guys see yaaa! 


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