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As those who have been reading or have at least read 1-2 posts, you guys will know that we are just teenagers! (It's really easy with the way i speak, which grownup talks like this LEL) And what comes with being a teenager in poly? Internship...arghh(Lucky JC bastards..kidding!). Some of you might like internship and find it enjoyable but for us, we HATE it! I'm here to tell you guys about our experience there!!

Okay so location wise, it rocks for the owner as she lives like literally 10-15mins away as there is a straight bus but for me? Yeah i have a straight bus too but it takes around 1 hour lol :( i'm secretly glad that the internship lasted 5's back to school and i live 10 mins away while she lives 1hr 30mins away by bus muahaha >:) who wakes up early now?!

Our manager is real nice but what really sucks is the job scope, we're literally like construction workers with the construction site, helmet, tools..the whole starter construction worker kit. AND we have to read and work with this annoying BLUEPRINTS with numbers sooo small we can barely see a thing! (I can actually feel my eyesight getting worse as the day goes by) 

NOT being condescending towards construction workers or anything (amazed actually, buildings sprouting from nowhere...WOW) BUT it's not really our dream job you get what i'm sayin? We also have to constantly always seek the managers supervision on numbers we can't see (they're reallyyy small) which won't be so bad if they can actually ANSWER our questions. They just squint their eyes and say 'what do you think?' hmm..trying to be smooth and teacher-like but we KNOW you ask us back only cause you don't know the answer! One manager even said when i pointed out something she didn't see, 'wah you can see ah?! I work here so long my eyesight become bad already' (hmm..suspicions confirmed).

The managers and colleagues are nice overall and the deputy manager is a very nice guy that i swear looks so tired and stressed every time with his walking style that is a bit hunched (which i don't want to say anything but i bet all these is due to the job xD).They are really helpful on other things that don't involve the minuscule numbers tho!

We come to work from 8-6pm and do the same repetitive thing over and over again which is just calculating the length of chiller pipes etc on the blueprints. (We are facility students) It gets SUPER mundane and boring and time seemed to drag on forever which is why i took a 'toilet break' every 10-15 mins(I just walk around the building LOL). 

Luckily, we get to use our phones and all as the overall in charge is pretty chill which leads to my GF who is SO into this business that she even does it DURING work hence, kindly leaving me with all the work tch. She helped every now and then but i was doing a two person job by myself :( Which was okay cause i know that you guys have questions on your orders and since we care for you so much we didn't want to delay the answers! So sweet right? ;P

All these might seem worth it given the fact that we were given pay but with $500 a's like worse than working at McDonalds? hahahaa but of course all these was for the experience which i must say really helped us. It made us reflect on what we wanted to do with our lives which i wrote in the previous post, 'How AfriliaCloset started'!  

So that's it for our internship! To sum up it was repetitive, sight-killing, slave-paying, and for me FAR. It was a really good experience though which was its whole purpose in the first place (i don't want you guys thinking we're unappreciative which we aren't okayyyy we complimenting em see! :D ^)

Stay tuned and have a look at the pictures of us that we took during our internship :D We might look happy but trust me inside is a whole other story HAHA (Be glad you get to see the pictures and not re-live the experience)!  



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