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Hey ya'll :D!! 

Most of you know that me and the owner work together to manage this business that is doing quite well so far (thanks to you guys! xoxo) and we combine our brains..and hearts(naww..chey HAHA ;)) to make this business the best that it can be! Some of you might think we get along all the time but're DEAD WRONG. We are together most of the time even late at night and this means W.A.R at times xD So today i'm going to talk to you about us and our differing character traits!

 To start of, I'm a neat guy. I like my desk to be neat and proper. Everything is in its place in a nice position and just organized well. She however, is a selamba (slack) kinda person that doesn't zip her bag, pencil box, has a super messy desk (it's like she closes her eyes before placing an item on it) those kinda things. For some annoying reason tho, when it comes to packing, she becomes this neat freak and let me tell you, this is a girl that once wiped a big sticky stain with NEWSPAPER without even adding water first..seriously(was shocked but not that surprised since we've been together a long time).
She wants the packaging to be sealed a certain way; must not have any creases, seal must not touch any part of the undelivered sticker located on the back, must not be too small etc. The stamps too, OMG the stamps..need to be placed STRAIGHT without slanting (feel like taking a protractor at times..the 90 degree thing), must be in the middle of the package etc. The writing too..well i honestly have ugly handwriting so that's fine. She doesn't let me write stuff ._.  All these things, If i don't comply she will redo it again..i mean, i admit sometimes my packaging isn't PERFECT but people buy things to OPEN the package rightt? (Any of you open and frame it on your wall or anything?) So i didn't think you guys would mind if the packaging failed to look like it was done by a machine. She wants it to be perfect tho so it sparks an argument sometimes (how would you like it if it's 3am and you're packing only to see your gf RE-packing your package..tch.)

Second, She is able to multi-task very well while i hear that GUYS (not only me) can't. She also has good memory when it comes to the names of you guys on the packages. So sometimes she has a customer that buys a few items that do not originate from the same supplier thus when she orders them, not all of it arrive on the same day. To avoid any delays and stuff we pack first but she informs me of those that are incomplete and therefore not to be sealed. The seals are really sticky so once you have sealed it's like selling your soul, you can't open it up again. I mentioned that i don't multitask well right? When we're talking or listening to music while packing, i'm in the moment and singing and everything so SOMETIMES i forget and i seal the packages oops o_o. This usually results in us having to take out the items again and use a new packet as we tore open the previous one. It wastes the packets so she gets really annoyed and me, since i'm helping her with the business, also get annoyed cause everyone makes mistakes and we all have our flaws right? Nonetheless, it created tension late into the night HAHA.  

Lastly, she is a stubborn, headstrong, uptight person by nature which is good for business but B.A.D at making me happy. There are a lot of customers that buys a lot of things so naturally she gets stressed at having to handle so many orders. I wish to help but i'm a guy and i don't know the items all that well(i'm learning though) so i don't handle the orders and do other admin work. I'm an understanding person and i can see why she would be stressed BUT i'm always helping her which means i'm with her the most..late at night..when everyone is sleeping..when she is stressed and cranky (and sometimes on her time of the month)..Yikes. When she's like this and i'm helping her at 4am, she gets cranky and irritated like crazy when i make mistakes (above reasons ^) and so she lashes out at me like a BEAST and say all these mean, hurtful things which i can't say..i just CAN'T OKAY? *sniffles*. It gets me so SO angry and i spit venom back at times which creates a fight between us.

That's it guys! These are the few main things that usually starts World War lll and makes being together not so enjoyable! But of course like any couple we work and talk it out once we get a good nights rest, it's the pressure after all. You guys better be thankful that she takes care of your packaging so carefully! ;P I heard from her that some of you even text her saying 'Sayang nak open package dia' (such a waste to open the package)' Man, you girls are weird. Just open only! We want you to see our product and enjoy it kekeke! ;D

Thanks for reading and Insya'Allah i'll talk about how our differences complement each other in a future post, 'Opposites Attract'!!!

Have a great weekend! :)         


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