Opposites Attract

Hey readers!! 

Sorry if i hadn't been posting much lately, i'll try to post one up every 3 days or so! Tbh i don't even know who reads this but looking at the results it seems some of you do! (omg thank you so much) Doesn't make me feel so alone when i write HAHA! Anyways today I'm going to be talking about how different me and the owner is!

We're really Opposites.. So much so that sometimes those nights where i feeling2 and think about some stuff,  i like to think that this RS MAY just be fate you know? (hopeful thinking but whatever some of you make a wish when it's 11:11 right? Tch...Me too LOL) 

To start with,  the owner is super untidy and messy when it comes to things like eating, making the bed, her desk, etc while I'm neat on those parts like i mentioned in previous posts(seriously, before i eat i have to make sure i have a show to watch, everything is in place and if there is even a single DROP of soup anywhere but in the bowl, i HAVE TO wipe it before i can resume eating.. she finds it annoying but that's my OCD i think! :D)

 I'm messy when it comes to studying, my notes are all from the same pen (same color) be it when i'm highlighting or writing. I write anywhere where there is space while hers is organized and so COLORFUL with colors from different highlighters(makes mine look depressing really)  and she organizes the notes well. Business wise too for the clothing, she's neat on those. 

Was my first girlfriend(primary sch doesn't count). I wanted to marry the first girl i loved and was with while she made a few mistakes along the way(which is how it usually is).. I love parks and nature while she hates walking and rather walk around in malls..tsktsk *cough* *high-maintenance* *cough* ;p. 

Family.. Hmm. Her family is more of those outgoing, adventurous, needles-in-their-ass kinda family! They can't sit still, they ALWAYS eat outside, they go places for never ending reasons (wanna see this, wanna see that, wanna try this, needa buy that, etc) it's very exciting and by the time we're done it's usually nighttime already. Time flies by so fast with em.

MY FAMILY THOUGH... are the stay at home, huddle close together, never-let-the-light-in kinda family where we always eat at home (why eat outside when there's food at home? Dad's famous words), buy things only if we're overseas or if not, dad just buys em before meeting us back in the nest etc. Both are good don't get me wrong! I love my family(who doesn't) and i find it cool how i got to experience both types of families. 

CULTURE-WISE.. kids pay for the meals at times and if they want something, they have to contribute or pay for it. Also, whatever you buy; snacks or drinks, EVERYONE can eat or drink em even till it's finished.

Mine on the other hand, the parents pay for everything unless we tell them we want to contribute with which they will always reject (maybe too young).  When we buy things such as snacks, drinks or small fry-able things, we ALWAYS have to ask if we can have some although all the siblings are entitled to one piece(sibling law, not for parents of course).
So understand my frustration when i first got to know their family, i would buy things to eat and the next day.. It was as if it had never existed :(. 

I think it's cose we didn't get much allowance while they had a lot thus it didn't matter if they had to buy another one.. Yeah.

She loves milk while i don't really like it, i like chocolate biscuits which she doesn't, i don't prefer ice-cream while she does and I'm okay with pizza while she loves them. I like things that are soupy not dry while she prefers the opposite(Pakistani culture i think).  Both of us LOVE seafood tho! Seafood FTW!

She's fashionable while i don't know a thing about fashion (i go with the what-catches-my-eyes-first style for how i dress), she was into social media since young(was into blogging, Youtube channels, twitter, facebook..the whole package) while i created Facebook when i was 16 and Twitter when I'm 19..i don't even have an Instagram(don't judge).. Not yet though maybe when I'm 20 hehe.  

So yeah! These are just some of the things that make us contradict each other! It's all good as i learnt a lot from her and vice-versa PLUS we are similar where it counts! We both sleep SUPER LATE, our sense of humor, we hate town(all dem super fancy dressing), LOVE to watch movies, we watch them very frequently(makes it hard to pick a movie we have not watched to watch with friends xD) and we're into fantasy etc! I'll talk about what we learnt from each other in future posts Insya'Allah :) 

Thanks for reading guys and till next time! :D


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