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Hiyah :D !! I know we have not been writing much >< SO SORRYY! Classes have started about a week ago and projects have started coming in along with teachers HAHA! Teaching us new modules for us to hate and giving us homework..(why do us poly students even still have homework hais).
So yeah, there's been loads to do and we've also been discussing methods to make this business better for everyone hence the busy schedule and dwindling blog posts.

OKAY SO THAT TITLE, weird right? why would I be writing a blog post of a Disney show that includes ice and dancing princesses? Do i love it SO MUCH? ...yes.
(It really is a very good show) but that's not why i'm writing this post. This post is about the relationship between the owner, Dyana,  and her lovely lil sister, Azzalea (who is 4 years old btw but i swear she doesn't act like it). 

Frozen is her favorite show and coincidentally it's about two sisters with a bond that cannot be understood by anyone else. She loves Elsa and always insists that she's her (ah kids..) HAHA. If me or anyone else in the family says that we're Elsa (She's 4 years old so obviously we wanna disturb her >:D ), her face would contort into this.. i wouldn't say hideous(but hideous) expression

and say 'NO. I'M ELSA'. Literally anyone who says that they are Elsa..BUT Dyana. When Dyana says it, she would just give in, nod her head and smile (0 to 100).

They share a very special bond that none of us can understand. Like a club consisting of two people and not looking for anyone else(lonely club). All of us can see that she idolizes the owner and loves her to the brink of insanity. It's not a one-sided relationship too as it is very obvious that Dyana loves her just as much ..even more than me :(. If i were to write about all the ways she showed her love, it would be an endless and LONG list hence i will just list out point by point to show the strength of the bond of their relationship. 

.When Dyana cries, she will go to her and place her hand on her back while saying 'don't cry Didiadik' and sometimes, SHE cries as she sees how sad the owner is (I'm not even exaggerating)
. Dyana would ALWAYS ALWAYS carry her from the parents bedroom to her own to sleep, even if she comes back home at 3AM or so
. If Dyana goes down to even buy a drink, she HAS to be following otherwise, she would go into a fit.
. She rather follow Dyana than her own parents, even if it means going to another house to sleep (seriously which 4 year old leaves her parents). 
. She will try her best to stay up(even up till 5AM) to wait for Dyana to sleep.
. They always sleep together no matter what, unless Dyana has to go to her sisters' house for school the next day.
. Nobody else can be Elsa except Dyana and her.
. Sometimes she listens to us but she ALWAYS listens to Dyana and her dad.
. If Dyana makes her angry (for fun cause it's cute), usually she would blame anyone else except for Dyana when asked who made her angry.
. She has these moments where she doesn't like to share her food or her drinks with anyone except for when the owner asks.
. If she doesn't want to listen to Dyana, she will 99% give in if she asks 'you don't love me eh?' (doesn't work when i say it though..i get a 'NO.' as an answer).
. Whenever Dyana has to leave due to work or having to go school, she will cry like mad EACH AND EVERY TIME. I swear. She does that to us too but for Dyana it's every.single.time. It gets so bad until we have to trick her into staying in the room long enough for her to slip out or we make her cry as she goes to sleep if she cries hard enough xD (I know it's evil but what to dooo).
. When we asks her who she loves, she will always choose Dyana when compared to literally anyone else even her mom.
. She rather sleep with Dyana than her own mom.
. She gets super cranky and will get really hot tempered with anyone else but Dyana.
. She has to follow Dyana EVERYWHERE she goes as she is always afraid that Dyana will leave her. She has to constantly be assured e.g 'Didiadik pergi toilet je la(Didadik is what they call her..sister in Pakistani is DIDI)
. Sometimes she doesn't like to share her toys except with the owner.
. When compared to anyone else, she will always says that she is the prettier one unless we compare her with Dyana with which she will say 'same'.
. She always like to say 'MY DIDIADIK'
. I can't pay too much attention to the Dyana as she will get jealous and will cry if Dyana talks or sits with me too much.
. When sleeping, she will always hug the Dyanas' leg or kiss her forehead, cheek and smile (She is really matured for a 4 year old). 
. Dyana doesn't like anyone else scolding Azzalea apart from her as she feels that they don't do it right.  

Yup..Pretty intense right? Although occasionally it CAN BE pretty unfair (doesn't affect me much as i'm not related), most of the time it is really heartwarming to see the bond that they share as one rarely gets to experience much less see this apart from with the parents. 

GA CONTEST: Share in the comments the relationship you have with your sister in your family!

**Most interesting entry will win a mysterious gift from AfriliaCloset depending on the person and their relationship!!**  

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  • I have a sister who is 2 years older than me but she surely doesn’t act like it. Since young, whenever we walk/do things together, EVERYONE – literally everyone – would ask if we are identical twins. As people get older, the logical thing is for them to be more mature but for my sister…. well, it’s not like that. When we go out as a family, people would ask “which one is the older one? Is it her? points to me” I would get a little bit offended by it but my sister reassured me to take it as a compliment because hey, people are saying I look more mature compared to her (that’s why I love her, she knows the exact words to say at the right time). Even though we fight 24/7, no one could tear us apart because of the really cool special bond we share. I especially love the really cool moments we share where I would randomly sing and then moments later she would enter into the room I’m in and sing the exact same song at the exact same part where I stopped and continue to sing the song. It’s like a really cool duet thing we always do. Sometimes when I’m in the room and singing it softly, she would randomly sing the SAME song and the SAME part as me, except she would be outside in the living room using her phone. Pretty cool huh, sister telepathy (I guess we are destined to be sisters – and maybe twins but that didn’t happen.) No matter how annoying she is, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I don’t know what I’d do without her.


  • Well, having an older sister is like having a love hate r/s especially when we are 10 years apart. She can be annoying at times, but at the end of the day I know I can talk to her when I need a shoulder to cry on. Having a sister is fun when you can share secrets and some of each other dresses or tops and shoes. I can ask her for advice for almost everything. Having a sister is like having a bestfriend for life, I get mad and annoyed but she will stay through ups and downs! Although being 10 years apart she is still acting like my age! OMG hahahah, but I still find it cute.

    Nur Fathiah

  • Well, i don’t have a sister cuz im the only girl , but i have 4 brothers and i feel i’d never trade them for a sister like ever ever ever. I am the closest to my baby brother who is 4 as well (haha what a coincidence right?) He can be SOOOO clingy like omg give me space kind of clingy but there are times where he can be ice cold it hurts )‘: . Well, to start of, he ALWAYS invades my room , like he doesn’t care if im changing or studying. Bila dia balik je, he’ll open my door and say ‘KAKAK IM HOMEEEE!’ and sometimes, i’ll be changing my clothes and i’ll just push him out and complain to my mum(evil me yes i know) like cmon, im changing and he’s still a boy right?! Okay so he also ALWAYSSS takes my highlighter (cuz i study on the dining table) and pretend he’s studying by colouring MY NOTES (yes, my notes :() he always says I WANT TO BE LIKE KAKAK, BECAUSE KAKAK IS SO PRETTY. Oh yeah, he thinks he’s PRETTY like wow right? I guess him being close to the ladies made him feel pretty? Well anyways, after destroying my notes, he’ll see me drink some sweet drink (be it green tea, ice lemon tea, etc.) in a clear mug. He’ll come up to me with his puppy eyes and kiss me on my cheek and say ‘Kakak, I love you so much, can I have your water?’ And obviously, I cannot resist so i give it to him. After that, he finishes the water and laughs at me saying ‘HAHA NOW U CANNOT DRINK ANYMORE’ and he runs away. Seriously, cekik darah you know this boy. Not only is he manipulative, he is SOOO cheeky. So the night passes and he’s about to go to sleep. I tell him goodnight and he drags me to his room and says ‘Kakak, can you please sleep with me? I want you Kakak. I love you’ (like so romantic right? Sigh, kalau lah ni bf ke apa eh HAHA) He looks at me with his huge eyes and he hugs me, so 80% of the time , i give in and SLEEP WITH HIM. I actually forgoe studying to sleep with him. Also, he thinks he’s a cat so whenever I play with my pet cat he gets jealous and starts playing with me (HAHA this one quite cute lah) . Okay so lastly, he always wants to act mature, so whenever i’m talking to my other older siblings/ my parents about something, he’ll ALWAYS ask ‘What are you trying to say Kakak? What do you mean?’ And i’ll tell him (in simple terms) and he’ll remember, understand and USE IT ON ME. Eg. I complain to my parents about my brother tk flush the toilet. My baby brother asked what im talking about. If the toilet has like any remainings in the toilet bowl, he’ll say ‘KAKAK, WHY YOU NEVER FLUSH THE TOILET?’ Firstly, WHY ME? Haha he blames me but loves me?!? Secondly, where did he learn this from? Then i realised, it was from me complaining to my parents. So yeah, this literally happens ever single day and I hope my story was interesting enough :)

    Luna Miki

  • Well to start off, my sis is 3 years older than me, and she’s married now. We grew up together(of cos) but at the age of 17 she didnt stay with us anymore so we kinda grew apart. Our relationship died.
    Only after a few years, we contacted each other back. But it was kinda awkward. She didnt seem like a sister to me, anymore. Well i started staying over at her place for i think about a year, and we got closer than ever. I looked after her kids, we would go grocery shopping together, we would cook together. It just feels right.
    And you know, we had that awkward moment before and we werent very close after that so there was really no “i love u” or “ure my sister and i dowan to lose u” kinda thing.
    But that one day, we were arguing about something, i wasnt speaking to her, she was slamming all the stuffs at home. Then we had that talk in the kitchen, where we both cried and said “aku syg kau tau” in the most stubborn way ever.
    It still does feel awkard saying that i love her now and we really dont say it to each other, but we try to show it at times.
    I learnt that we have gotta throw our ego aside and just come right out and say it before its too late.


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