Evolution of AfriliaCloset

Hey guys and gals!
For some of you who have been with us since the start of AfriliaCloset when we had only a few hundred followers (thank you so much for helping us grow btw!), you would have noticed that our logo back then looks just a tad different than our logo now! Yessiree, this owner is a fickle-minded one and as she progressed to be the beautiful, sophisticated, stressed (wait what?) driven person she is today, so has AfriliaCloset!! 

Both have done some growing up over the course of these challenging but fulfilling few months and though i can talk about how the owner changed from when she first started AfriliaCloset up till now, i believe that i may start ranting(oops ;P) hence, i will talk about how the goals and ambitions of AfriliaCloset changed instead :)

When we first started/decided to launch AfriliaCloset, our mission was to first of all, provide good quality and cooling apparels for you fellow Muslimah as we all know how hot it can get when wearing the hijab, donning dresses/tops of thick material and let's not forget when the sun decides to act like a..hotter than usual HAHAH. The amount of heat entering and not leaving the body is insane (which is one reason why i look up to you girls..it ain't easy). 

Okay actually i have never felt the heat you girls who don the hijab feel as i am a guy therefore i obviously do not need to wear the hijab tho i have worn it before.. but that's for another story ;). I most certainly have not worn it IN PUBLIC so i have never known the feeling but i do know how hot it can be (and how it can affect one's mood)  thanks to my lovely girlfriend who NEVER FAILS to let me know when she is feeling super hot and stuffy (my ears pay for the sun's mistake..any guys feel me? :( )

We also did not do any photoshoots yet as we were still quite new to the business and thus, did not have any knowledge whatsoever on having a successful photoshoot such as the location, type of clothing, photographer etc.

About a month or two passed by and we realized that one of our products was an instant hit with you girls and the responses we got from the product was insane. You know what the product was? Yup the ever popular Jubah series!!! It was so well-liked that we actually sparked a trend as other blogshops followed suit and started selling our product (That's right ladies we sold it first ;)). We then decided to focus more on jubah-like products and thanks to our experience and the knowledge we gained; started doing outdoor photo shoots to make the Jubah more captivating and beautiful.   

From that moment up till now, our goals shifted slightly as we managed to successfully pick out products we knew you girls would love such as the Sara top, Bella pants, Flare top, Peplum top etc. Also, thanks to you girls who spoke nicely of our instashop, we gained the attention of non-muslims/muslims wanting to don the hijab who were interested in buying our lovely products!

Due to experience we also came to the conclusion that some products just do not look as nice outdoors as they do indoors due to the lighting, background etc. therefore we focused more on indoor photoshoots for some of our products.

Past experiences and the knowledge we gained from talking to some of you girls/instashop owners led us to become the AfriliaCloset you now know today;An instashop striving to provide quality, cooling products that are colorful; vibrant and at the same time, cater to hijabis and non-hijabis alike looking for a more modest approach. :)

Thank you for reading guys and happy holidays! Cheerio ;P 



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