The first time a customer brought me to tears

Hey ladies we're back HAHAH Dyazkhan here!

So recently we have been VERY OCCUPIED with school and this business! (Thank you all for your support as orders are picking up very fast and we are trying our best!!) nonetheless, we will make it a point to write here more frequently!

In light of the situation, what with all the orders we are receiving and such, i find it a perfect opportunity to share with you guys something very personal. The first time a customer made me cry (surprise! Yes we shop owners DO have feelings)

Our instashop had been opened for about 1-3 months and it went from relaxing to taxing real quick HAHA.

Like all shop owners have to face at one point of time or the other (no matter how we wish we didnt..), it was around this time that we received our first few..

COMPLAINTS. (ooo~ I can feel you shop owners shuddering in your boots! Hehe) For those of you who don't know, for us shop owners, that word can really make our heart sink xD.

I would like to add that the complaints really do have valid points but there are many ways one can speak his mind am i right?

Though majority of those who complained to me spoke soo nicely (bless your kind hearts) Unfortunately, i encountered a handful of not-so-nice customers that spoke a little differently from the majority.

Of course, we can't screenshot the conversations and be like, 'There! Here are the bad bad ones that made me cry!' while i point at them with tears in my eyes righttt hahaha as we do not write here to shame them but just to share with you guys what we feel.

The conversation basically went from the customer complaining to why she did not get her item and somehow, it diverted to us cheating them of their money, making police reports, personal attacks such as 'if you can't handle it then don't have a business' these kind of stinging statements.

I was still able to hold my tears the first time i received those kind of insensitive remarks but when i received the second one about a month later, my tear ducts just.. Broke. I cried and my boyfriend was so stressed asking 'why why' and you know guys, he probably thinks he did something HAHA! It just got too much to handle as you know how you get one VERY bad complaint and a lot of small ones? It can seem overwhelming and I'm still a student that was just beginning to learn the ropes of handling a business...

My boyfriend knew this and decided to help me manage some customer enquiries as well to lessen my burden hehe sweet right (love story pulak HAHAH!).

So yes, that was the first time a customer made me cry. I'm not writing here to rant (or am i? *winks*) hahaha but i really am not and am just sharing me experience with you readers!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those that have supported me and personally messaged me to make me feel better such as the ones below! (good things must share hehe) , you guys are the best! And also majority of you, even those with enquiries, are so nice the way you speak to me and it really warms my heart and makes me feel blessed to know that i have these kind of customers Two heartsHeavy black heart. THANK YOU I LOVE YOU ALL (drama sey hahahaha)

That's one of my personal shares i hope you like it! Thanks for reading takecarreeee <3


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