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Hi readers!! Dyazkhan here ^^ First of all, i would really like to thank all of you for supporting AfriliaCloset through and through, from when we were not as popular to where we are now! Hehe. I really am grateful to each and every one of you who stayed with us despite us having made mistakes as an instashop.. It means a lot to Me and my bf. 

I would like to share with you a little of my past.  It's been really great now and i am enjoying what i am doing with my boyfriend, selecting beautiful clothes and posting them online to see all your reactions hehe ;) *so cute all your reactions! 'so lovely!' 'pokaiii' etc etc HAHAH i really do enjoy them and am thankful you girls love them too! Butttt i was not always like this and HATED business! 

I had always wanted to become a psychologist when i was in secondary school and even polytechnic because of who i am as a person, sensitive and soft-hearted as most people described. I was the friend whom people confided to and I loved that. My past played a huge part too.. (insya'Allah i will share with you in due time if i have not already!) 

I wanted to help others and help them get through whatever it is they are going through as we all feel lonely sometimes and it is really important to know that we are not. (Realized i can't be a psychologist tho as my English sucks :/)  

I couldn't get into psychology thanks to its SUPER LOW cut-off points( It's reallyyyy low omg congrats to those of you who went in! XD) and I landed a course in Integrated Facility Management. 

I had always been selling my pre-loved items ever since I was little which I now figured was weird since I hated business HAHAH! I didn't want to do business as i was afraid of the losses that would occur as i knew that losses were bound to happen hence i did not want to bear that pressure :/. My pre-loved business never went so well as maybe i did not put much effort into it or it was not the right time but i continued to do so anyways for a little extra money.  

I only started doing business properly last year when my boyfriend told me to go for it and have been till now as, together with your support fellow beautiful ladiesss, it has been doing quite well Alhamdullilah. 

So i guess to sum up, life always has its way of working out and you can hate something all you want but if it has been written for you, trust me it will be yours. I admit that i can't say i LOVE my course hahah but it did turn out to be a blessing in disguise as i would not have met my boyfriend (who is annoying) and would never have started this business for you ladies. 

So have faith in Gods' plan dearies as life always has its way of working itself out and for those reading who do not believe in God, believe in yourself and whatever choices you choose :)  Besides, i am still helping people but not in the way i thought ;) 

Do place in the comments what you aspire/aspired to be and thank you for reading readers till next time! <3 


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