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Afrilia Closet

Nice to see you again readers!! Hope all of you have been enjoying our posts lately and gotten to know us more personally! 

Alsooo, for those who went to the flea on Saturday I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did HAHA! Seriously fun. Thank you for the awesome attendance ^^ (for those who experienced how me and the owner are i'm sorry if we annoyed you with our nonsense xD Me and her are like that sometimessss) 

In light of the recent flea and also the fact that our exams are nearing.. *groans till I pass out* , I find that instead of studying for my paper that is in two days time, this would be the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to write about how we juggle our priorities! :D and yet i'm not prioritising ironic 

Behold the face of someone who will totally *ace* his exams. Wish me luck.. Really.. I need it. 

Moving on! So yeah we are students as most of you already know and do you guys know that teens experience the most stress even when compared to adults? Yeah that's right(or maybe we just don't handle it as well as adults hahaa) How can we not be stressed am I right?) We have parents, school, family, social acceptance, puberty (damn you acne), work and a million other things to worry about! *adults reading be shaking their head at how we get stressed at trivial things hahaha* 

So for the owner and Me, with the business becoming more popular (Alhamdullilah) and exams and assignments due, we found ourselves being overwhelmed with work and somehow, we started to neglect other priorities such as spending time with our loved ones such as friends and family. In all honesty sometimes I do not come home as I have to pack with the owner and discussing ideas and such hence it takes up loads of time till the early morning. I sleep at their living room so the only contact I have is with the ghosts living with her :( (she really does have ghosts and they scare me) 

We realized that something had to be done so we started to make the effort and no matter how busy we are, we would try and spend some days with our friends and Family or do work only at night. We mark dates and outings in our calendars to plan beforehand and try our best to show up! When we are overwhelmed with orders and inquiries (pressureeee) we would go out to play bowling, playground(yes you read correctly) and watch movies etc as it helps us to de-stress and takes the pressure off (we all need that sometimes)

We have certain individual ways to relax too. For the owner, she would scroll through Instagram to stalk some of you beautiful ladies ;) (shh don't tell her I said that) and find new clothes while for Me, I like to read books and scroll through 9gag. (any 9-gaggers or bookworms here?) 

It gets difficult sometimes as we have so many events and packing to do. For the owner it is hard for her to give time to her little sister as we do our things at night. My personal obstacle is that I go home really late or none at all as the owner lives in the west and Me in the east. I try to spend time with my siblings and often ask them to join outings but they are unable due to some reasons..^^

So yup, that's how we prioritize by planning ahead and making time for others! We are still trying our best and still do miss outings.. (Sorry friends and Family) but we hope that one day we will be able to Prioritize well!

Below are some photos of us with Friends and Family!! Thanks for taking the time to read and till next time! :D

*How do you guys prioritize your time? State in the comments as we would love to read your stories!* 


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