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How we met

Afrilia Closet

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The post ALL of you have been waiting for! (chey not all la maybe anyone?). You guys must have been thinking like who is this guy? How did he get together with her in the first place? Well i'm going to talk about how we first met and ours is a peculiar story as you see, she was the one who made the first move *Virtual high-five bros*.  We were both year 1 in Temasek Polytechnic and both of us had gone to the orientation camp.(It's a camp before school actually starts to get to know your classmates and...

Blog Launch

Afrilia Closet

Hey readers! Like I said before, in this post i will talk about why we decided to create a blog.  So after starting up an instashop followed by the website, we slowly realized that customers were beginning to follow the owners' personal insta account(what else is insta for am i right?). We also started receiving texts from some of the followers who were thinking of starting up their own shop and wanted to know how we were able to get famous so quickly at only 18 years old(ameeeeen). Some of you lovely ladies also shared your personal moments with her such...

The Writer

Afrilia Closet

Hey readers! For all of you who might not know this, AfriliasClosets' owner is attached(physically and emotionally) to me, her bf (sadly..chey jk i'm lucky). So, we have discussed this for some time now and finally have decided to start up a blog for reasons that will be discussed in the next post. The owner is usually busy with all the texts, admin works, packing etc and since i only help when packing or light admin is involved (colorblind), the responsibility to write is passed to me which i gratefully take as i love writing :D. I will be the...